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Breed Notes - 15 Jul 2009
First of all congratulations go to Sarah and Craig Hosie on the birth of a son, Ruairidh, on Monday. He weighed in at 7lb 5oz, and both he and Sarah are doing fine. Craig reports that the dogs have been great, too. Kate unfortunately has an ear infection at present, so there is not a lot of continuous sleep in the Hosie household. Craig says it is like being back working on the children’s ward again!!!

Whilst on the subject of new arrivals, have you had a chance to look at the new, revamped club website ( It still has work to be done, but it looks very user-friendly, and congratulations are due to Vincent and Bettina for all their hard work coming to fruition. It always amazes me how many people visit the site, judging by the number of “hits” listed. It is becoming hard to remember life before all these modern means of communications, and yet I seem to recall that we managed to do pretty well all we wanted to, and information still got round OK. I find that one of the casualties nowadays is “thinking” time….you are always been pressured for instant responses.

We are looking forward to the National working Show on Saturday. What with the kitchen being redone, and the 2 litters, we have only been to Crufts this year, and indeed Orchid and Whistle didn’t even do that. Of course, as it is now nearly a month after the puppies have gone, the girls are losing their coats in quantities it is hard to credit, and they will be at the 3 shows we have entered in their “underwear”. Still, it will be good to be out and about again, and to catch up with everyone’s news. Right now we have several canine visitors, and it is nice to see how “puppies” from various litters have grown up. Our little “Acorn” would so much like to play with her brother “Isa”, but at 12 weeks, they go so crazy together we daren’t let them be together without the strictest supervision. How do people cope with keeping 2 from the same litter?

We are coming up, too, to the end of the month’s trial for “Archie”, the 15 month old rescue. The initial reports were very promising, but we haven’t heard much in the last couple of weeks, so our crossed fingers are for no news being good news. He is a nice dog, and hopefully he now has a permanent home.

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 15-Jul-09