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Breed Notes - 21 Jun 2009
By: Elaine Betts

First of all, a sad note to say that the little puppy that was in the vets’ surgery for stones didn’t make it. Our vet did have to operate, as he was eventually unable to catheterise the puppy, since the stones were in the bend of the urethra and the tube couldn’t go in from either end. With a puppy as young as this, surgery is very difficult, and because of their position, the vet, despite 90 minutes’ trying, was unable to remove them, and we took the agonising decision not to bring the puppy round, to save him further pain and suffering. Why is it that the nicest and sweetest suffer young ?

On a more positive theme, the other puppies are off to their new homes in what feels like droves, and we almost need a parking attendant to sort everyone out!! One thing that is promising for the future of the breed is that four of them have gone to dog trainers of various types. This is particularly pleasing, as, although we are very happy for them to go just as family companions, it is really good to know that at least some will be cerebrally challenged. This breed has such a super working aptitude I think it really does deserve a wider public appreciation.

Some overseas news, first from Caroline Dunn that FYI Spicemill Steamy Wasabi is now a Polish champion. It’s great that UK breeding is making its mark on the continent. Next, we have been sent details of 2 overseas shows, the Finnish Club’s is on 25 and 26 July, obedience on the first day, conformation on the second. It is billed as the biggest Hovawart show in the world, and they expect over 300 dogs there. It is at Tervakoski, which is about halfway between Helsinki and Tampere, and should be a spectacular weekend. The other is the 50th year Jubilee celebratory weekend, including a talk on the breed standard on Friday evening by Michael Kunze (Hovawart top judge from Germany), all day activities on the Saturday for everyone to join in, and the Show on the Sunday, September 4th -6th , at the Dog Center, Zaltbommel in Kerkwijk, about halfway between Rotterdam and Nijmegen. Both events sound like really worthwhile trips.

We have just received a superb package of reading from Julie Condron, comprising the Club Year Book and a newsletter. We are just wading our way through it all, and no doubt there will be points of interest to bring up in the weeks to come. Don’t forget to send your pictures to Julie for next year’s calendar by the end of the month, so that it can be available at the October Show again this year. The one she put together for 2009 was really great, and so we must make every effort to keep up the standard. She will take pictures via email on "hofwarth.condron AT btopenworld DOT com"
This article was posted on: 21-Jun-09