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Breed Notes - 07 Jul 2009
By: Elaine Betts

“Venka” had 10 puppies last weekend, seven dogs and three bitches. Two blonde boys, all the rest were black and gold. Congratulations to Caroline and James Dunn. The very high percentage of males in the last five litters produced this year so far has made interviewing new owners even more important than ever, and let us hope we have really laid it on the line – that males do need firm, sensible handling, with maximum exercise in adolescence. John and I have had to go and collect a puppy back after only three weeks, and you begin to wonder whether today’s owners expect the puppy to come trained and ready to obey basic commands. This particular puppy was duly chasing the thrown “toy” but not bringing it back, and sometimes seemed more interested in biting the owner’s hands instead of accepting a quiet cuddle. I think that people have a selective memory of dogs they had in the past, and the trials and tribulations of having a puppy are forgotten, whereas the good behaviour of the older dog, that has now gone, is only too well remembered. Assessing potential new owners truly is the most difficult part of having a litter of puppies, and however hard you try, and however much they would like to, some new owners just can’t cope.

Rescue still has a now-castrated male looking for a new home, if anybody can help with this please give Gill Stockton a ring on 01939 260765. So far “Archie”, the other male that needed re-homing, is settling in at his new home although his trial period is not yet up. I think sometimes these re-homed dogs are on their best behaviour for the first couple of weeks, but we have our fingers crossed for him and his new family.

I was amazed to see the bill from a Surrey Vet accompanying the unwanted puppy mentioned earlier. Just the normal two injections at 8 and 10 weeks cost £66. Is this normal or is it particularly cheap in Herefordshire? I thought it was only our National Health and expensive drugs (or good schools !!) that you needed to move house for. John and I will stay put!!
This article was posted on: 08-Jul-09