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Breed Notes - 01 Apr 2009
I had a super ‘phone call from Sue Scully this week reporting on daughter Claire’s success with “Lilly”. Claire went along to the Three Shires Dog Club in Bedfordshire last weekend and reached the required standard to proceed on to Schutzhund level training. It involves heel work on and off -lead, a sit, a long down, mixing with several other dogs, being circled by a large crowd of strangers, etc.etc. Very encouraging for Claire, with a young dog, and something for others to aspire as well! 'Lilly' impressed several of the spectators, and for our rare breed, did an excellent PR job. Do hope Claire finds time to keep on going. It is after all, very much a German sport, and our Hovawarts are very much a German breed.

The AGM came and went, with an unusually sunny day, a comfortable venue (Liz and Lynne’s home) and a great spread at lunch time. Everybody was happy and jolly, and the proceedings went along very smoothly for yet another year.

Julie is now a Vice President, and John reported that our finances are healthy. What more could we ask for? We all enjoyed seeing the remaining four puppies, in fact, I think that Bettina, our German translator committee member, may actually have fallen for the last male puppy, but time will tell on that one. Our thanks to Liz and Lynne for their hospitality, it made a stuffy AGM really nice.

We have been asked if we could help with European rescue dogs. After thinking it over I just don’t feel comfortable about this. How can the dogs arrive in this country, how can we see them and maybe have a trial period? With passports taking at least 9 months, how on earth could this work? No, I feel the breeders of the dog that needs to be re-homed should consider it their responsibility, as responsible breeders do in the UK. If they don’t already have a Rescue set up maybe now is the time to start one. I don’t wish to be seen as unhelpful, but I can’t see this as a workable option, as any Rescue dog needs very careful assessment before re-homing can be considered, as not everything is suitable.

Happy Easter to everybody, and lets all make the most of these longer, lighter evenings, and even try to fit in a walk after supper.
This article was posted on: 01-Apr-09