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Breed Notes - 20 Apr 2009
By: Elaine Betts

I telephoned Anne Stewart this week to catch up with the progress of her litter of puppies. All appears to be going well, all ten fit and well and now five weeks old. All have homes to go to, (plus names for any cancellations) ā€“ that is quite amazing when we are all meant to be struggling through a financial crisis! Craig is going along at the beginning of May to carry out a puppy character assessment with them. With ten to test, he is going to need all day. Min got BOB at her local Perth show with Neo Nexus, and Mark won his class too with Teddy. That is the news from Scotland.

Orchid produced six puppies on Sunday afternoon, four dogs and two bitches, not the most enormous litter in the world, but all big fat round pups which behave as if they have been here before. Orchid is a wonderful mother, although it would be nice if she would allow me to be involved more. Is it usual for the bitch to carry puppies around so much? I do worry when she picks them up and potters about with them squealing to be put down.

With workmen in the usual whelping area, in the kitchen, (we are having the boiler changed) Orchid has been given an area in the sitting room, and with her moving them around I never know where she will secrete them! She has also prepared several alternatives outside, a hole in the barn, a den out of straw, a huge cavity under a bush, and an alley way behind a fence panel. Hovawarts do like to organize things, and Iā€™m sure Orchid would manage entirely on her own ā€“ if I would dare to let her!
This article was posted on: 20-Apr-09