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Breed Notes - 02 Jun 2009
By: Elaine Betts

Unfortunately neither John nor I could attend the European Dog Show in Dublin this last weekend. We have had a constant stream of new puppy owners to talk to, and after all the problems we have overcome with this last Whistle litter, I was not leaving them – even for an International Show!

Hoping I will receive a marked up catalogue and then I will pass on the winners and any comments I receive etc. I was particularly disappointed to miss the “after-show”party at Mick Murphy’s lovely house in Sallins, Co. Kildare, so on Saturday we had our own little puppy party in the garden.

Good news from James and Caroline Dunn at Spicemill, to say that Venka’s scan was positive, so another happy event can be expected in about four weeks. Caroline is going to be busy with their two year old son, Ethan, pottering about helping! Two positive replies from our request for new homes for two adult male Hovawarts, but early days yet, as neither of the dogs in question have been approved for re-homing. Release forms need to be signed first and at least a few days set aside to confirm that these dogs are going to live up to the breed expectations, but it is encouraging to hear from folk who can offer these olderdogs a fresh start, and we should all be very grateful to them.

Julie has had a couple of days off work so that she can put the finishing touches to the Year Book, so if you have any copy for her, get it off immediately, or it will be too late for inclusion.

Just a seasonal word of warning, watch where you are putting those deadly slug pellets, and remember “Roundup” weedkiller really can kill more than just the weeds. A handsome young calf died as a result of eating affected grass. A patch of stinging nettles had been sprayed, and a little of the substance must have landed on nearby young grass, with devastating results. The Hovawart Judge for Crufts next year is Mr. Terry Munroe. I think he has judged us before, but I can’t remember when. Let’s get qualifying anyway.
This article was posted on: 02-Jun-09