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Breed Notes - 10 Feb 2009
By: Elaine Betts

There is still one place available for the Temperament Test in Leamington Spa on the 28th February. If you would like to be included, please ring Liz (Driftingsky) on 01159841870 asap. The nine new puppies born a couple of weeks ago, are all doing well so far, although the bitch has a plaster over one very sore teat now, not funny as the pups will be getting teeth any day now!

In spite of all the recent snow, there are definite signs of spring around the garden, with snowdrops appearing and even the odd crocus. After a long 8 months Orchid has finally come into season, so John is off at the weekend to visit Fasskoleys Sallins Gold in Ireland. I don’t think this nice dog has sired any puppies to date, so it will be an exciting time. Talking of Ireland, don’t forget that the European Winner Dog Show, is to be held in Dublin 30th May – 1st June you can enter online at – the earlier you enter the cheaper it is. Closing date is the 17th April.

Another Hip X-Ray result has been forwarded to me – Caroline from Spicemill was thrilled to report Spicemill Ginger Root had a score of 2 – 2.

The snow in Hereford has all but disappeared (apart from the top of hills) and I will miss tracking practice. With size 6 well boot prints to follow, how can Whistle go wrong - and at least I know where I walked. Never mind building snow men, it’s tracking made easy.
This article was posted on: 10-Feb-09