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Breed Notes - 15 May 2022
I apologies for the lack of notes in the last weeks, but non-hovawart matters have been taking centre stage of late in our household, necessitating a trip overseas for a granddaughter’s wedding. Actually, there is a hovawart angle to this in that Remus got hold of John’s passport a couple of days before we were due to fly, giving it a good chewing. It was far too late to get it replaced, but fortunately the critical numbers were still legible, and we have never had so many smiles from the border officials on trips as they speculated on the size of dog responsible.

There have been a couple of championship shows, Welsh Working & Pastoral and Birmingham National where we have had classes, with Caron & John’s Tiggy taking BB each time, and BoB to go with it at Birmingham. She was pipped at the Welsh show by Maggie’s Harris, who was RBD to a delighted Kathy Woodger’s Hightimbers Ticket to Moon. Reserves at the Welsh show were Val’s Saxon and Caron & John’s H.Ticket to Dream at Kanukalos, and RBB at Birmingham Kitty’s Driftingsky Tousle. Well done, everybody. The Irish contingent, so successful at both our club show last October and at Crufts, were again really successful at the European show in Paris, where they seemed to win everything going. Congratulations to Mick, Heli and co.

The thought of Crufts reminds me to mention Frank Kane’s critique, published last month in Our Dogs. It was, in my view, a masterclass in how to write what is actually a rather difficult piece. Each dog described was brought instantly to my mind, and somehow, although the same things were being described time and again, it never felt repetitive. Exemplary. Thank you, Frank.

For those hoping to follow in Frank’s judging footsteps, don’t forget to claim your place at the club’s BAD day and hands-on judging seminar, essential for furtherance of your Hovawart judging career. It is at Oswestry on the first weekend in October, and details are available from the club website or from Craig Hosie. Places are limited, so book early to be sure to be included.

The club Year Book is in the post this weekend, and should be with paid-up members very shortly. As usual there are lots of photographs and reports, including an interesting article on Canicross by Nicola Vincent. This really is a most versatile breed, as exemplified by the video made by the IHF and accessible via a link on the club website’s home page. There is also the piece written for the IHF centenary book, being published in conjunction with the centenary conference , being held next month in Fulda, Germany. I heard today that the show they are holding has an entry of over 400. Amazing !! That sort of number is hard to imagine, and with the FCI judging system, I can’t begin to work out how many judges they will need to get through in decent time. Unfortunately, I can’t make it, but I hope John will get there and report back…not quite the same, but better than nothing.

It always amazes me how instincts kick in with dogs. Thursday had her first litter of 10 (all b/g, 8 bitches) last Monday, and you wouldn’t have known it wasn’t her third, the way she new exactly what to do and how to do it, right from the word go…no fuss, no histrionics, just getting on with it, cleaning up the puppies, making sure she wasn’t sitting on them and so on. She has even taken to the extra meals without any objections !!!

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 16-May-22
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