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Breed Notes - 6 Jun 2021
What a busy week!! A litter of ten puppies, especially once they get mobile, leaves very little time for sitting in the garden reading…or anything else, for that matter. So far, though, all is well, and after the visit to the vet on Tuesday next for microchipping and health check + first inoculations for most of them, the first sets of new owners will be turning up, probably not quite prepared for the amount of growth their little fluffy bundle has managed in the three or four weeks since they last saw them. Teeth are now razor-sharp, and the greeting front line, and heaven help anyone who is daft enough to have shoes with laces!! Nevertheless, we shall miss the little blighters greatly. I must say my ability to count to ten quickly has vastly improved, but I shan’t miss that sinking feeling that you get momentarily when you only make it to nine. Usually, there is one in the corner of the puppy house that you can’t quite see into from outside the run, but on the odd occasion one has fallen asleep behind the water barrel, and why do they like going under the car so much? This next week is going to be full-on, with all of them due to go by the end of the weekend, and the remaining adults, dogs and people, will breathe a collective sigh of relief.

In a way, it was heartening to read in the latest Our Dogs about the delays and errors emanating from the KC Registration system, because we applied for this litter at the end of April, with the payment processed by our bank on May 4th, but with two post days till the puppies start going, no sign of any KC paperwork, so it is nice to know we haven’t been singled out for slow and frankly bad service. No doubt Covid will shoulder a lot of blame, although from 50 years of litters, I have found the service never better than adequate. Funny that Covid doesn’t affect the speed of the KC trousering the cash!! As far as I can tell, the whole thing should be straightforward now, just a keying-in operation, as I am sure that the computer will be able to check for unacceptable names etc., so why on earth do the KC hierarchy accept such shoddy and inefficient service from their organisation? Maybe I have answered my own question by the obvious priority they place on getting the money in and sorted.

It looks as though, at last, here is going to be a championship show with classes for us. National Working and Pastoral Breeds is due to be on July 17th at the Three Counties Showground at Malvern, and we have Hester Oxborrow (Hoevemeester), now from Scotland, in the hot seat. There is a nice range of classes, puppy, yearling, open and mixed veteran, so hopefully they will all be really well supported. Entries close on June 23rd (noon) on-line and June 9th (postmark). I just hope that all the restrictions will be lifted by then so that the day can be enjoyed properly.

Summer seems to have arrived in Shropshire, with lots of colour in the flowerbeds and countless shades of green all round. I hope it is the same for you.

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 07-Jun-21