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Breed Notes - 26 May 2021
I am sorry about the lack of notes of late, but puppies do keep you very busy, especially as they are now 6 weeks old and are real experts at getting into those hard-to-reach places just when you are trying to round them up at bedtime. I reckon that they would give herding cats a run for its money !! I have to say, though, that despite the sharp teeth and scratchy nails, they are an absolute delight and watching their mother Kibble trying to avoid being mugged for what is now non-existent milk is better than amusing….not for her, of course !

I had a chat yesterday with Val Shone, and I am very pleased to report that Steve is at last making a good recovery from what was major major surgery, a quintuple heart bypass, no less. As always seems to happen in these circumstances, other minor disasters have struck, like a mal-functioning boiler, but now Steve is home (whatever happened to the 3 week seaside convalescence?) the sunnier uplands beckon for them.

I have a nasty feeling that I am beginning to sound like my mother, but why does everything have to keep changing, particularly when I was happy with how things were ? I had cause to call the vet out a while back, as our Dexter house cow, Molly, had an abscess and we couldn’t persuade her to jump in the back of the car to take her to the surgery. Percy, the vet who came out, was explaining that he had recently sold the practice and was now just doing farm animal visits because he enjoyed that part of the job, but was leaving everything else to the two younger vets who had bought him out. We were really fearful that the new owners would be a big corporation, but fortunately for us this is not the case. It is reassuring that our veterinary problems are still in the hands of people we can relate to directly, but I know that many practices have been sold to private equity firms, one of which describes its investments in this area as “cash generating units” …not a phrase that makes you feel your pet is in safe, caring hands.

Of course, I would be naïve in the extreme if I wasn’t aware if the need if all vets to make profits, but somehow it always felt that when your vet was a sole practitioner or even a member of a partnership their prime motivation was the welfare of their patients, whereas the absolute priority of every corporate business is to maximise returns for its shareholders or owners. Of course, if giving good service at a reasonable price achieves that maximisation, that is good, but even so, the whole motivation and emphasis of the enterprise has changed, and in my view not for the better. Not, I suspect, that us poor customers can do much about it, other than seeking out vets who still operate in the old way, but I’m afraid the trend is now firmly set in place. At the risk of sounding political, that’s capitalism for you !!

Isn’t it a pity that the weather hasn’t caught up with the calendar….perhaps we will have a beautiful spring in July.

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 03-Jun-21
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