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Breed Notes - 29 APR 21
Following last time’s notes, I have found that splitting the litter worked well for the first ten days, whilst the puppies were relatively immobile, as it enabled me to interfere in what would be the natural process of the biggest few thriving at the expense of the smaller ones by giving the latter a head start at each feeding time, but once they became able to move about, they all seem to be strong enough to stand up for themselves, so they are now back together all the time, and so far all is well, with even the smaller ones able to push their way in. Kibble now spends much longer intervals away from them, and when she does go back, there always seems to be two or three (different each time) who are asleep, enabling the others to get in first, and over a twelve-hour period it works out that each puppy is satisfied. The next quandary…when to start weaning. When the mother has not been coping, I have started as soon as ten days, but Kibble is doing them very well, so I will perhaps start it the weekend, with the puppies two and a half weeks old. Watch this space.

I don’t know if I am alone in this, but I have had the devil’s own job to register the puppies with the KC on-line. We have registered in the past, but it appears that the new KC IT system needs us to re-register. Fine. I start to do that, and the KC needs to send me an authorisation code by email. By the time I have found it, I get back to the log-in page, which has regressed back to the start. By the time I have returned to the page for inserting the code, it no longer recognises it. I have tried this now 18 times. I have also tried to telephone, but on each of three occasions my patience expired after twenty minutes. Heaven knows how long it will take, but I have now sent the application by post. Why is this relatively simple operation so difficult?

It is coming up to my birthday, so when I saw a rather fetching antique trap small enough for a dog to pull for sale in last week’s Our Dogs, I made sure that John came across the advertisement, quite by chance, and it duly arrived today. Now all I have to do is persuade Remus that it is the one job in this world he was born to do and find a really brave youngster willing to give it a try. First, though, I need to make sure it is safe and sound. Fortunately our granddaughter’s boyfriend is just graduating in engineering, so that is my first port of call for advice.

The initial notice bout this year’s AGM for the Club arrived the other day. This year it is being held as a zoom meeting, which should be interesting, and will enable more members to “attend”, even those overseas, although from memory I don’t think they get a vote. As well as the usual requests for nominations for officers and committee and agenda items, candidates are being sought for the Tia Trophy. To remind you, this is given to the Hovawart that the members think most worthy for achievements outside the show ring. You can name your own dog or someone else’s, and hovawarts have been doing all sorts of good things, even during this last strange year. Don’t let anything be missed by default.

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 07-May-21