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Breed Notes - 4 Apr 2021
It is a great pity, but not a great surprise, that Crufts 2021 has been cancelled. It is hard to see how an event that has to be both inside and involve close contact could be held safely when vaccinations will not have been available to absolutely everyone who might attend. There is however a silver lining, in that the National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show, on July 17th, which would have been the Saturday of Crufts, now has the weekend to itself, and as it is held at the Three Counties Showground at Malvern, which regular showgoers will remember as one of the breezier venues, even if you are inside the big sheds, should be relatively safe, and should attract a bigger than usual entry.

With the continued uncertainty, particularly about meetings indoors, the Club’s committee decision to hold a virtual AGM this year via zoom is looking to be by far the most sensible choice, but judging by the way even the professionals on TV can find meetings getting out of hand, we will need a firm grip on the rudder to ensure a smooth navigation rom start to finish. At least it will enable members from the far-flung corners of the country, and even the globe, to participate for a change.

With just a fortnight to go, we are very much in the throes of preparation work for what I think used to be called Kibble’s confinement. She is at that stage when her appetite is ravenous, and she can’t easily get comfortable, opting in the main for flat out on the stone floor. She is also very wary of being caught in the general excitement of opening doors and visitors arriving. The newspapers are piled high in readiness, the camp bed is set up in the whelping room, a.k.a. John’s office, the calcium supplement tablets have arrived….next day delivery, thanks Amazon !! it is just left to check that the heated pad still works, and getting the new vetbed the right size. Oh, and reassembling the whelping box and run, quite important, that. Already with the visitor restrictions being eased, we have had 3 sets of visitors in addition to numerous phone calls and emails, so even if Kibble breaks all known records, there is going to be some disappointment, but I would rather have it that way than we were in the position of having surplus puppies in the breed, so that we couldn’t be selective about new homes, with the consequential rescue problem that would inevitably follow.

I am very pleased to see that the KC has taken the canine genetic research facility on board, so to speak, from the AHT, with a lot of the same staff still involved. This work is so vital to the future wellbeing of pedigree dogs, and we can hope that the identification of the genes that cause hereditary problems, we can carry on the good work of eliminating them, thereby spiking the guns of the anti-pedigree dog lobby.

It was such a lovely surprise to turn over the club calendar on April 1st to see a delightful picture of Drift, who has sadly just died at the ripe old age of 15. Our sympathies go to Liz & Lynne, but in the knowledge that they will have a host of lovely memories of her life with them. What more could you ask of a wonderful loyal companion?

Today’s weather has been glorious, the spring flowers are blooming and you can’t help feeling a little optimistic. Keep safe.

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 06-Apr-21