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Breed Notes - 21 Mar 2020
I can’t help feeling optimistic about the future now, even though John and I have only had our first vaccination so far. I can’t wait to get back to dog training classes, and actual, rather than virtual, yoga in the village hall. It has been such a long time and I know when normal routines kick in I am going to feel really pressured, but I’m still looking forward to it. The dogs have been an absolute lifeline, especially through the long dark cold wet winter months, and it is a real treat seeing them stretched out in the sun on newly mown grass….and isn’t that smell evocative of warm summer days to come ? Glorious !!

In response to the coming change in weather, Acorn has had what is becoming her annual haircut. Since she was spayed, she has swapped her beautiful glossy coat for a fleece that would do a merino proud. The resulting mats and knots acquired through the winter proved most awkward and distressing to remove, so each spring she gets what I think is known as a no2 clip and comes home bearing a remarkable likeness to a dobermann. She doesn’t seem to mind greatly, although I feel her dignity is affronted by the waterproof coat I make her wear in the rain.

His morning on her walk, Thursday realised what has become her greatest ambition and caught a squirrel. I was pleased that her instinct kicked in and she killed it instantly with a vigorous shake. She then decided to show it in triumph to her mother, who promptly eat it. Thursday didn’t seem to mind, maybe because she knew Kibble is now eating for more than one. It was very exciting when the scanning lady came round on Friday to see the little puppy hearts beating on the monitor. It seems little short of miraculous that those tiny little things will become live puppies in such a short pace of time, but it will only be 4 weeks from now, by which time we will have to have everything ready to welcome them into the world. The sire is Maggie Spencer’s French bred dog Harris (Duxfortis Harris at Hightimbers) so we are anticipating mainly black and gold pups. If enquiries are anything to go by, we hope she has about 24, mainly bitches……just joking, Kibble !!

Dogs can be funny sometimes. We have a 6 foot fence between the orchard area and the pony and donkey paddock, and the younger girls, including the 5 week pregnant Kibble, happily hop over it o make a beeline for the manure heap. Each day Remus, significantly bigger with longer legs, watches then enviously, but his idea of jumping consists of bouncing up and down on the spot. He gets quite a good height, well over the top of the fence, but always ends up on the spot he began from. Why he doesn’t copy the girls’ technique is beyond me….and obviously him as well !!

Here’s to better days ahead. Keep safe

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 22-Mar-21
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