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Breed Notes - 21 Feb 2021
Tomorrow (Monday February 22nd) is the day of Gill Green’s funeral. In normal times, there would have been a good representation from the Hovawart world, we certainly would have been there, but with numbers strictly limited, it is good that Julia Christopherson will be “flying the flag” for us. I am sure our thoughts and prayers will be with Rupert and the family at this sad time. R.I.P.

Once again, the club committee could only meet via zoom last week. It still feels very strange, but I am rather afraid that when things do return to normal we are going to resent the amount of time we will have to spend actually getting to physical meetings. Come to think of it, with the club covering the whole country, there has always been a problem over travel for committee members, so it may well be that this new method will still be used on occasion. One of the items discussed was how to hold the AGM this year. Last year we held this by post, but I think the consensus was that we would have a go at a zoom AGM. This would have the advantage of enabling members from all over to participate, but having watched that lady dealing with the parish counsellors a few weeks back, we will need to have a strong convenor with a finger poised over the “mute” button !!

Uptake of the calendar for 2021 has been less than hoped for, largely I’m sure as a result of the show weekend cancellation. They are sill available, with a price reduced to £5.00…after all, two months have already gone (but the pictures are still there)….so if you haven’t yet had yours, get it now.

In my notes of January 17th, I mentioned a couple of books that I found worthwhile by Claudia Kaiser. Amazingly, I have now got, and read, volume 3, which covers health and welfare, and again I have found it instructive and pretty breed-specific. It does seem a shame that they are not amalgamated into one, as none of the books is very long, but cynically there is probably a greater return by selling the three individually. On a not such positive note, the other two books I talked about have also arrived, but I have found them most disappointing, with very little content and they don’t show particular relevance to our breed, despite their titles, and in my view they are way overpriced to boot.

The snow didn’t last very long, but didn’t the dogs enjoy it while it lasted !! I think Remus thought he was back in his native Finland, and Thursday couldn’t believe her eyes. They run, jump, roll, they eat it and drink it, and I expect wonder why I get cross over the wet footprints. Still, it is cleaner than mud, which is what we have in front of us, judging by the weather forecast I heard this evening.

Keep safe

Elaine Sharpe
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This article was posted on: 22-Feb-21