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Breed Notes - 17 Jan 2021
My apologies for the lack of notes in recent weeks, but the absence of shows, trials and other dog-related events, coupled with the lockdown, effectively preventing any movement, means that not much is happening to write about. However, the extra time I have at the moment has not been entirely wasted, because following a conversation with one of the many puppy enquirers, I have purchased two books entitled Hovawart Training & Hovawart Training Volume 2. The first one is basically dealing with the puppy, and the follow-up moves on to adult training. I was sceptical at first, because the author, a German lady by the name of Claudia Kaiser, has similar books on other breeds, which usually means a page or, if you are lucky, two pages relating to your breed and thereafter the same text for everyone. The books are also rather short, 114pp and 167pp, with a large type face and no illustrations or photographs, but not too expensive at £6.99 & £7.99 (cheaper as electronic books). I am nearly at the end of a first read-through of the second book, and I must say I find them most instructive and really breed-related. The author has owned a hovawart in the past, and I can relate to the ideas and methods she puts forward. I will certainly be recommending them to anyone getting a hovawart, and even if you are an owner already, there are tips and advice aplenty.

Whilst making the on-line purchase of the two books (from a well-known retailer of almost everything), as you do, I was directed to another two-volume series, Hovawart Tricks Training, but they have yet to arrive at New Mills Farm. I will report on them in future notes when I have had a chance to assess them. I must say it is exciting to come across new books relating to the breed in English. I am ashamed to admit my total inability to cope with translating anything from the German.

One piece of sad news, our erstwhile Chairman, Gill Green, is very poorly, and confined to bed. She did spend Christmas in hospital, but is now home, and her daughter Arabella has been able to come and look after her and Rupert, and neighbours and friends have turned up trumps with getting shopping and dog-walking. Our love and thoughts go out to Gill and her family at this difficult time.

I have been trying to get my head round the new regulations for travelling with your dog to Europe (and indeed Norther Ireland….bizarre as we are still all one country and there is no question of any tariffs being involved), and as far as I can see, the difference is that now you need a one-trip health certificate from your vet, dated within 10 days of travel, instead of the old passport. If I am right, I have to say that this makes no sense, because the information will be no different, the passport is still being used in the EU, so this looks to me like red tape for the sake of it, and a chance for more money to be charged for absolutely nothing. If I have it wrong, please tell me, but my gut feeling is that someone is making life difficult just because they can, a ploy of bureaucrats the world over, and as in the overall scheme of things it is very small beer, we will just have to put up with it.

Keep safe, hug your dogs….the daylight is getting longer.

Elaine Sharpe

01743 891310
This article was posted on: 18-Jan-21
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