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Breed Notes - 13 Dec 2020
Well, I have got to try my new portable hot shower machine. Remus got filthy on his walk….what is it about male dogs ? He seems to attract mud like a magnet, so much more than the girls do. Mind you, it did need a quick visit from Barry the plumber to put us right on a couple of things. It turned out that not only had we not got the connectors quite tight enough, but also it is important not to get too great a pressure of water coming through, so our first attempt resulted in a scene Norman Wisdom would have been proud of, and a determination on my part to ensure that I ALWAYS wear waterproof clothing for this job in future !! Also, looking at the amount of water generated, a resolution not to use it if there is any chance of freezing, our limbs are a bit too fragile to risk skating.

The weather was really beastly today, so it was a good time to get down to writing Christmas cards. I know the fashion is to do these things on-line these days, or perhaps to send nothing and donate the money saved to charity, but I must say I enjoy the opportunity it gives to catch up at least once a year with old friends, as well as hearing about the progress and antics of puppies that have gone form here over the years. It always gives you a warm glow to hear that a little scrap that that left us as an eight week old fluffy bundle has enhanced a family’s life. Talking of old friends, I have one girl…well she was when we last met face to face , in the sixties… with whom I have exchanged cards every year, always with the ps “we must get together in the new Year” , for well over 50 years now without ever actually doing it. We know all about each other’s lives, but I very much doubt if we would recognise one another if we passed in the street.

The time for Kibble to come into season is rapidly approaching, and we still have no real idea what we will and won’t be allowed to do regarding travelling out of the country to the continent. It is even confusing us as to whether we are really allowed to cross into Wales….a mile and a half as the crow flies from here…and meet up with anyone. The difficulties caused by Covid and Brexit make 2020 a year that we might prefer to forget, although I have no doubt it will actually linger long in the memory, and be the highlight for historians for decades to come.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a healthy and happy Christmas, observing social distancing (there’s a phrase I could happily see banned !!) of course, and express the hope that we may all meet up again next year, duly inoculated and safe.

Hug your dogs

Elaine Sharpe
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This article was posted on: 14-Dec-20