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Breed Notes - 28 Nov 2020
Dam and blast, we can’t enter !!!!!!!!!! I am of course talking about Crufts next year. Because John was judging at this year’s event, we decided that we wouldn’t show any of the dogs during the previous twelve months, partly as qualification for Crufts was pointless for us, but also to increase the opportunity for as many hovawarts as possible to get the necessary placings. Had we known about the pandemic, naturally our actions would have been different….wouldn’t everyone’s ?....but now we’ve been caught out. Undoubtedly we will go anyway as spectators, especially as our judge was one of the participants at the first judging seminar the club held, way back last century.

Actually, looking at the qualification criteria for this coming Crufts (and, to be honest, seeing if there was any way round to enable us to enter) one thing did strike me. We were fortunate enough to have our “Poppy” get best bitch at the club open show in 2019. However, although championship show places count towards qualification, and even some wins at open show, club shows are conspicuous by their absence from the list. I am sure ours isn’t the only non-cc breed where the club show is actually the best entry of the year bar none, with a well-qualified judge selected by the club, as opposed to a lot of the other shows where we get some all-rounder who happens to be doing other breeds and can fit ours in as well. The entries at other shows throughout the year average something like 20% of that at the club show. I think the KC are missing a trick here by not including breed club shows in the list. Perhaps they might consider this for future years, even if it is too late for 2021.

At the risk of these notes sounding too much as though I’m getting at the KC, one other thing has come into my sights. I understand that the KC is no longer printing health test results on registration documents. They say that with the new website, the information is readily available on-line, so the old way is no longer necessary. Leaving aside any criticism of the new website and its implementation, my fear is that puppy buyers in future will be less encouraged by the unscrupulous breeders to make enquiries about health checks if the results are not shown. I know that all good breeders will have test results and the full KC records to show new owners, but out of sight is out of mind, and it seems a strange way to be going when we all want more emphasis on healthily bred dogs, not less.

It is getting to the time for putting up the Christmas decorations, so do be careful not to make things too easily accessible to the dogs, particularly the youngsters. Thursday has a penchant for picking up….very gently, you understand….anything cloth-like she sees, even if it is in use, and I know she will be a nightmare anywhere near the tree or the fairy lights.

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 03-Dec-20
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