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Breed Notes - 22 Nov 2020
It was really nice to receive the club newsletter yesterday, although it must have been a nightmare for Maggie, trying to cobble together some news when nothing has been happening. Mind you, it has enabled her to show us some lovely pictures of the dogs…...with the occasional alpaca thrown in, and not forgetting the spectacular views from her now not-so-new Welsh home. The one story she was able to retell was that of the curious case of Brumbi, and his prescient anxiety over his owner’s health. Dogs are amazing creatures, and we should all be so grateful that another species cares to share our lives like they do. In my view, Brumbi must be a prime candidate for the Tia Trophy this year.

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned ordering a device for picking up acorns. Well, it has now arrived, and will be put into service as a rather quirky lettuce spinner. I have tried it in the fields, and it was easily defeated by the first clump of tufty grass. It might work OK on a bowling green or croquet lawn, but didn’t cut the mustard when the chips were down. Such a pity, just as well I didn’t throw out the rake and wheelbarrow in anticipation.

I have just heard the news that Crufts 2021 is being organised for July, still at the NEC over 4 days. No details yet about qualification requirements, but no doubt these will emerge in the days to come. It is really uplifting to see such a positive attitude from the KC, I hope they will be rewarded with a show that can take place, although in these lockdown days, it is hard to believe that the light you can see at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train. For myself, I have my sights set on December 4th, when I am hoping for a little retail therapy to lift the gloom, notwithstanding the inevitability that most of the spending will be on Christmas presents. I must keep reminding myself of the greater blessing that is in giving !!

Keep safe, keep to the rules and enjoys those wonderful dogs

Elaine Sharpe
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This article was posted on: 23-Nov-20