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Breed Notes - 15 Nov 2020
The 2021 Calendars have now arrived, and are sitting in a box in the office, just waiting to go to their new homes. My personal favourite is the picture for May…absolutely gorgeous…but get your copy to see if you agree with me. I gave details if how to get them a couple of weeks back, but you can get in touch with me for further details, or look on the club website.

I was chatting to the owners of one of Thursday’s siblings , now 15 months old, the other day, and the conversation inevitably got onto training in general and lead control on particular, as this is the “teenage” time, when the dogs are just starting to “feel their feet”, and challenge you, and have gained sufficient strength to make physically outdoing them difficult, particularly when something like a squirrel or rabbit crosses their field of vision, or a pheasant opts for a sprint rather than flight in front of them. I have come across a device that might not help if you are on your own, but could work if there are two of you. It is a “Grippy” lead, and has a strong handle on both sides, so that two hands can be used on the same dog. The dangers of losing control don’t really need spelling out, but a couple of years back I was taking a pair of hovawarts on leads when a deer popped up in front of us, both dogs gave chase, despite being on leads, and I joined in, albeit involuntarily. The inevitable tree was in direct line, each dog chose a different side, and the bruises lasted weeks !!

With the evenings starting so early, it is getting to the point of the year when you begin to take stock of all that has happened, or in this year, all that hasn’t !! It is getting harder to remember a “normal” time, but a glance at last year’s calendar reminds me that we were just in the build-up for our trip to LKA twelve months ago. We try to make it each year, as, apart from anything else, it is/was a jolly good place to get those doggy Christmas presents for all your dog friends (are there any other sort ?) Last year was especially exciting, as we had discovered that for a small fee we could take Thursday , who would be 4 months old, to her first big show, not to compete of course, but just to drink in the atmosphere, and we had arranged to go with Maggie and her youngster, Harris, for his first outing too. Little did we know what was in front of us then. We did have reservations about taking her, but now of course I am so glad we did. She had a happy time, and I can only hope that the experience will stay in her memory, if there is ever a next time…….

John has just finished making the Christmas cake, so there will be an almighty mess to clear up in the kitchen. Stay safe, and make those Christmas decorations either edible or dog-proof.

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 16-Nov-20
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