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Breed Notes - 8 Nov 2020
What would we do without the internet? (actually, the answer, as I’m old enough to remember, is “look it up in a book, or ask a friend on the phone, or if you go back far enough, by letter”). My problem at the moment is how to deal with the unbelievable quantity of acorns this year. We are blessed with several large oak trees and the recent high winds have carpeted the ground with the little blighters. There doesn’t seem to be a safe area anywhere on our property clear of them, and it is not only the dogs that find them both irresistible and toxic. However, back to the internet, and with a lot of searching, I have come across what looks like a large round colander on wheels that I am assured is just the job for harvesting windfall nuts of all sorts from the ground. With Amazon’s speedy delivery promise, I hope to have it in action after the weekend, and I will report back on its efficacy.

As you may have understood from the previous paragraph, we have other species as well as dogs, and it is time right now for getting our young heifer mated. Having no bull, the route is AI, and it couldn’t be an easier process. We just consulted the list of potential sires, made our choice and sent the money via the breed society, who organised the semen to be sent to the AI technician, who comes on the appropriate day, determined by veterinary injections to bring on the heifer’s season, and Bob’s your uncle !! if it works, and the odds are pretty good, there will be a calf in nine months’ time. Would it were so straightforward with our Kibble. We have, after a couple of months, finally had notification that her rabies shots have been successful, and now we have the worry of an extended lock-down that right now stops any thought of an overseas sire, but we have fingers crossed that it might be possible later on when she comes into season, but of course we don’t know exactly when that might be. Then there is the checking for the right day for mating, and a possible scramble to get to the sire in time, and then the actual process, which again, we have found from experience, doesn’t always go to plan, which might seem surprising, but nevertheless is true. We will of course be giving it our best shot, naturally.

This talk of potential puppies leads me on to a chat I have just had with Hester, now living in the remote west of Scotland. She tells me her seven lovely babies are now three weeks old and thriving. That is a lovely age, mum still cleans them, but they are just starting to see and hear the world, and staggering about, falling over and having “rough and tumbles” with their siblings, all in the safety of their whelping area. What joy !!!

Keep well, keep safe, keep warm and hug your dogs.

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 09-Nov-20
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