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Breed Notes - 1 Nov 2020
I was chatting to a dog friend the other day, and, a propos nothing in particular, we got to talking about licenced breeding, and she told me that her local council breeding licence actually allowed her up to six litters from a bitch, with an upper age limit of eight years old. I have to admit that I was surprised by this, but working it out, that would be one litter a year if you started at two. I went to the club’s code of ethics, because I felt sure that we had included a lower figure, but to my surprise, found no recommendation at all, only a ban on breeding in successive seasons without specific veterinary advice (presumably in favour) in writing. I understand that the terms of the council licences can be different for different authorities, but for myself it would have to be exceptional circumstances to go for a fourth litter, let alone more. I can’t help thinking that anything more brings us into the realms of puppy farming.

With another full lock-down looming large in our thoughts, my sympathies go out to those poor people who will be stuck inside, with no real access to the great outdoors. Our dogs give us such a lot, not least the reason for getting out in the air and taking exercise with them. I suppose we are in for more delays over things like KC/BVA hip score results. I heard that a couple have come back now, but we are still waiting to hear Thursday’s results….just as well she is only just turning 15 months old, Mind you, she is now very much the “teenager”, pretending not to hear when we call her in when she has found something interesting to investigate, and winding up the older dogs when they just want to doze. They are very good with her, by and large, with Acorn having that special Granny-Granddaughter relationship that is so delightful to watch. Daddy Remus inevitably tries, but obviously doesn’t understand her at all !!

These days we are all encouraged to be more mindful of the environment, and to this end I was delighted when our daughter showed me her latest find, bio-degradable poo bags! I have put in an order to the inevitable Amazon, and I’m looking forward to the glow of self-satisfaction when I put them into use.

Maggie’s Lloyd had a nasty turn a few days back, resulting in a 999 call and a blue light journey, but I am happy to say he is now back home after some uncomfortable nights and a good deal of poking, prodding and testing, with strict instructions to rest properly for a couple of weeks, which , knowing Lloyd, will be agony. All I will say that from my recent experience, obeying the medics pays great dividends, whilst ignoring advice just puts you back in trouble.

As we will have a bit of spare time on our hands in the next few weeks, how about letting me know your strategies for coping, and the funny things that your dogs get up to.

Stay well, stay safe and stay home

Elaine Sharpe
01 743 891310
This article was posted on: 26-Oct-20
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