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Breed Notes - 18 Oct 2020
The constant request for visits to see the hovawarts continues unabated, even increasing over recent weeks to the point where we had people come here on three consecutive days this week, in addition to two phone calls and three email contacts about puppies and getting on the “puppy list”…8 potential new owners in three days, and although we haven’t had a chance to assess the remote access enquiries, the visitors were all people we would be happy to see with one of our puppies, if we had any !! We were hoping to have a litter in the summer, but things just didn’t pan out for us, so we have just updated Kibble’s passport in the hope that we might be able to take her abroad at her next season. As we are retired and have a goodly space at home, the fortnight’s quarantine on return would not prove too arduous, but travel restrictions seem to change by the day, and we don’t even know what the regulations for dogs will be after January 1st yet, so we are trying to cover all the bases. All the uncertainties take us back to our earliest days in the breed, visiting East Germany through a hole in the Berlin Wall, with armed guards, and bringing Jordis and Arpad back via 6 months of quarantine. I really hope we don’t go back to that regime again !!!

I was speaking to Janice a couple of days back (actually, not true…John spoke to Dave). Anyway, I learnt that the calendar for 2021 is very close to production, so you need to be working out how many you are going to need for Christmas presents, how many rooms are going to need one on the wall, where you are going to put the one at work and is it just the thing for the back of the loo door. No doubt details will appear on the club website, but a little bird told me that the price is being held for yet another year at £7.50 + £1.50 for p+p, with £1.00 for postage for extra copies, although there is no discount for quantity otherwise. John will be sending them out from here, so contact me or him with your orders. I can’t wait to see what super pictures you have come up with for this year.

Much to Thursday’s delight, one of our daughters visited this weekend and brought her youngest dog, a 9 month old Hungarian Viszla puppy. The two youngsters had an exhausting time chasing each other round the fields, but we did have to watch that games didn’t get out of hand because the Viszla doesn’t have a lovely thick coat to protect her from Thursday’s well-meaning but strong teeth…silly dog !!

Keep well, keep warm, keep safe and keep away from mud (some chance !!)

Elaine Sharpe
01743 891310
This article was posted on: 19-Oct-20