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Breed Notes - 04 Oct 2020
Well, this was the weekend when we should all have been at Oswestry for the weekend. There were going to be all sorts going on, with demonstrations, talks, a q&a session, maybe a judging seminar an evening “do”, and the show on the Sunday. I suppose if you had to choose a year to cancel, the weather we have just experienced would point you towards this one! I think planning is now underway for 2021, although I’m pretty sure I can see a lot of crossed fingers!

There have continued to be lots of puppy enquiries. We have had people to look at our lot almost every week recently, and it shows no sign of abating. Amazingly, some people want to be put on a “puppy list” without ever having laid hands, or indeed eyes on a live Hovawart. It is beyond me how anyone could even for a moment consider spending what is quite a sizeable sum of money and what is quite a span of time, up to maybe 15 or 16 years, on a dog that they haven’t researched past a page or two in a book, or more likely a web page these days. I just hope no-one is foolish enough to let a puppy go in such circumstances. We have had very few rescue cases in the past, and I would hate that situation to change because of this dreadful pandemic.

Craig Hosie, newly appointed BEC for the club, is really getting stuck into the job of finding mentors and observers to facilitate the progress of potential new judges. Whilst this is no easy task, I feel that the stumbling block may very well be the lack of opportunities for appointments. We have classes at very few open shows, and unless things change radically, championship shows that offer rare breed clubs like ours the chance to nominate the judge will still be few and far between. Whilst this is regrettable, it is easy to see that just adding us to an already contracted all-rounder is a lot less work and effort for a beleaguered show secretary. Maybe the KC will help by encouraging them to widen the judging net a bit. Certainly, we don’t want the situation that happened a year or two back when the same judge was appointed twice in a year, and he didn’t even show a great deal of liking for the breed either.

All of a sudden, autumn is on us with a vengeance. Rain, high winds, mud, cold wet dogs dirty paws everywhere…..and months of it to come. Still, I guess it will give us time to get used to it, although it only took a weekend for me to be nostalgic for long summer days and light evenings again.

Keep well, keep walking the dogs, and have a old dry towel handy at all times

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This article was posted on: 12-Oct-20