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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) - 06 Oct 2020
We are living in strange times and to be truthful I think we are going to continue with restrictions on what we can and cannot do throughout the Autumn and winter months ahead. I feel like most that I have not been out of the pandemic since it started between my line of work and caring for my elderly parents, watching what we do to minimise risk .

Our old girl Caileag who is 15 years old is starting to go down hill with her back legs becoming weak, it is sometimes a struggle to get up but once she is there then off we go and is determined to go a walk with the others and her nose still working and can pick up smells in the fields that the young ones will take time to identify as being something they shouldn’t eat ! I know many of my friends both in our breed and in others who have sadly lost their dogs both young and old during the last 6 months, saying good bye is hard especially with vets working in the current guidelines and we are limited to where, when and who can be there. Min Inches lost her beloved Chief, Minches Chief Riever out of Micona Chieftain and Minches Kees Killarney, a Blonde boy who was successful in the show ring but also as a stud dog and will be carried on in future lines. Gill Stcckton lost Berkenbos Chinock, his pet name being Chalkie, I received many of a cuddle from this lovely black boy when staying with Gill and Jim , he was out of Enzo Vom Amarhof and Annvad Celeste Lady, a dog who had his health tests done but was sadly never used at stud , he had a foreign sire bringing in a new line, with much thought by Gill to increase our gene pool but like so many it wasn’t to be. I received a message from Maureen Watson to inform me that her brother Michael and his wife Pamela had lost their handsome Dash in March, he was 14 and a half and passed away in his sleep in the afternoon, that morning he had his little walk and breakfast as normal , it was the best way to go as he showed no signs of distress or illness, his posh name was Pines Damson, a lovely black boy with a super temperament, another who had all his health tests done but wasn’t used, he was out of the Danish import Arreskovens Slave to Love and IHF CH Pines Mercedes. Another dog to have passed in March was Keith Denby’s B&G Boy Pines Aken who was out of Pines Saxophone at Hightimbers x Kynyaf Tiy of Pines , a lovely boy who we seen at our club shows and was used at stud, another loss. When we had a committee meeting in June, Janet Pearce informed us that she lost her young boy to Bone Cancer, so very sad to lose a young dog. You will have seen that Heather Payne Suddenly lost her Black boy Willow , Myka Des Amis De Gaia ( IMP FRA ) he was only 4 years old and inhaled a grass seed which went into his lungs and with complicated infection in his chest that required emergency surgery, however due to complications Willow sadly died, such a tragic loss for Heather and her family ,Willow was out of Helios Vom Pfarrhof x Hirys Des Amis De Gaia, and was seen around the shows and had the most lovely of temperaments and he has passed on his soundness to his offspring, Heather has posted beautiful photos capturing the bond between owner and dog and you can tell by the look in his eyes when looking at Heather that they had that relationship between each other that nobody could break, the trust, devotion and love which was captured, a truly remarkable relationship. I seen on facebook that Aja Rabkova lost their Driftingsky Pascal at 11years old and Carl & Marie Nolan sadly had to say goodbye to Darwin , an Annvad bred dog, litter brother to our Caileag at 15.4 years old out of CH Biko VD Bremmerstee x CH Pines Tipperary for Annvad, a wondeful age and that Tanja Connor had to say goodbye to their lovely B&G boy, Jonas. I have been speaking with Julia Beusch who tells me that she lost her Storm, who was from Driftingsky breeding another lovely dog who will be missed, I just feel within the last 6 months we have lost many of our dear friends within the breed, it is so very sad and I send my love to you all.

Some good news is that Gina Challoner’s girl Isalynn has given birth to a litter of puppies, all 3 colours, the Farmwatch Harvest litter , Isalynn Van Elderens Hof at Farmwatch & Enormous Roller Coaster, a lovely litter but sadly Gina posted one of the blonde boy ‘s grew his wings , so sad for this to have happened and we all know that Gina had tried everything to help this puppy and he was taken to the veterinary Hospital but sadly died, Gina will be busy with her seven puppies and there will be some very lucky owners who will be getting a new addition to their family. Hester Oxborrow has posted that her bitch Tara has been mated to Farmwatch Snow Shadow and is expecting puppies, which is lovely to hear that there will be a litter in Scotland , exciting times ahead for

Hester & Murray. This will be the third litter this year for our breed with Maggie Spencers litter being the first of the year and these pups are doing well with their new families, lovely to see.

When I was looking through the history of the breed in the UK, I noted that Tobias and Assi came out of Quarantine in October 1980 which means the Hovawart has been in the UK for 40 years this year and here we are unable to fully celebrate, we are still a Rare breed in the UK but some people hoped that by now, we would be able to compete for CC’s after all we can make up a CH in any other country in Europe and in Ireland but it isn’t as easy as that with low numbers being shown and all the other criteria one must do to get that status but maybe it should be on everyone’s agenda to take the breed forward in the future and hopefully next year we get the chance to celebrate. I know shows are having to be cancelled due to Covid and Government advice and a recent press release will let us know if SKC will be going ahead in November as the May show was rescheduled to this date. Ralph and Tina Wilson who attend Prestwick and District Dog Training Club took part with both their Hovawarts in the SKC Beginners Competition for dogs and handlers that have never competed at an open or Championship obedience show at beginner level or above and the final was at Ingliston in May and both dogs qualified with Tosti , Pines Rumba gaining first place and Marmite , Farmwatch Snow King gaining fourth place. I do hope if not this year but next you can get the chance to compete in the final, a very well done to you both.

I have been some what busy with the new Judges Education Programme for Breed Shows as I have taken over as the BEC, Breed Education Coordinator for Hovawarts a role that I feel passionate about and one which will help share knowledge to judges about our special breed. Those judges that are currently on the judges list will shortly be receiving an email from me with a judges questionnaire attached, to fill in and then return to myself. I would also like to ask if anyone would like to be considered as a mentor or an observer for the breed and feel they have the experience and knowledge to share and guide future judges of our breed please get in touch with our club Secretary Liz Whitmore or myself. Up to date guidance for the role of Mentor and Observer is on the new KC website under showing, judge’s education. Please have a read and get in touch if you feel you meet the criteria. Next week I will share another Hovawart’s owners experience of a health condition that I wasn’t aware off and his experience with the veterinary profession and one that he would like to share with you all.

Stay Safe

Craig Hosie

07957 921328
This article was posted on: 12-Oct-20
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