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Breed Notes - 26 Sep 2020
Firstly, some very sad news. Janet Pearce’s partner Ian Dangerfield died on the 15th of this month after a short and brutal battle with a very aggressive cancer. Our deepest condolences go to Janet at this sad time, and I know she will be very much in our thoughts over the next days and weeks. No flowers, please, but donations in aid of Ian’s favourite charity, the R.N.L.I., may be sent in his name to Holmes & Family, Funeral Directors, 20, Fleet Road, Fleet, Hampshire GU51 4QG.

This coming weekend would have been our club showtime, and the plan was to have made a weekend of it to include a whole lot of other activities. With just one show a year, it is particularly galling to have to cancel, but sacrifices do need to be made for the greater good. Thoughts are now turning to 2021 and in view of the current in-going restrictions, the idea of moving the whole event to a summer month, more conducive to outside events, is being mooted, although it is hard, from where we are now, to muster any sense of optimism.

I heard on the radio, and indeed read in Our Dogs, that the R.S.P.C.A. have called for the government to change the rules about importing puppies to ban such imports before the dogs are 24 weeks old. This has been backed by a petition signed by over one hundred thousand people, so will have to be debated in parliament. Over twelve thousand import licences were issued last year, so this issue is of significance, and certainly there is need for action when considering the wholesale import of litters from sources abroad of dubious standards and reputation. Whilst I would in no way condone this mass trade, I do think it will have a detrimental effect on people who have carefully chosen a puppy from a recommended breeder abroad, in our breed particularly because of the dearth of home-grown puppies, because there is no doubt that having to wait 24 weeks to get your puppy will make bonding and training considerably more difficult in a breed where these things are critical to a successful long term relationship. It would be good if there could be a dispensation of some sort to allow individuals to go and collect their one pup at an earlier stage in its development, but I am rather afraid that will be too subtle for the legislation process, although it might be worthwhile making that point to your MP.

In the next few days, club chairman and breed health co-ordinator Gill Stockton will be sending out a health survey form so that she can complete the annual report for the KC. It is really important that we do send her the information, not just for the return’s sake but to enable the club to carry on monitoring any health problems so that measures can be put in place to improve the breed’s overall health for future years. I know this is an issue that we take very seriously, and your help is essential.

Some positive news on the activities front. Two youngsters have passed their bronze Good Citizen tests, Julia Christopherson’s Hightimbers Ticket to Evita and her sibling H.Ticket to Dream, owned by Caron McLure. Well done, both of you, you must have worked hard through lockdown with your pups, and congratulations, too, on finding somewhere to get tested.

It has got very autumnal all of a sudden, with misty mornings, cobwebs and dewy grass. The dogs have cottoned on to blackberries on the hedgerows, although how they managed to avoid the prickles is beyond me…..and they spot them before I do !! I think it’s coats and gloves from hereon in.

Keep walking, keep wearing your face mask and keep safe

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This article was posted on: 28-Sep-20