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Breed notes - 13 Sep 2020
Something very unusual happened this week….I actually got a response to my breed notes of a couple of weeks back. It is very heartening to have a debate about an issue that I raised, in this case the early use of a dog at stud. My correspondent had a different view to mine, which is absolutely fine, it would be a very poor (and extremely frightening !) world to be in if we all agreed about everything, and so long as each person respects the other’s point of view, debate can only be healthy for the future if the breed.

The Club calendar is due out shortly, but I understand there may just be time to get your picture included, so get to it directly, and send your photos to Janice at Perhaps there will even be some actual shows, obedience and agility competitions, working trials, tracking days, rally etc to write on there with some hope of them actually taking place.

Exciting news this week that Hester and Murray have a bitch confirmed in whelp. With the lockdown, we have, like most breeds I suspect, been inundated with puppy enquiries, but the last time I spoke to Hester, she had a full list of people already checked and raring to go. At least some lucky people will be getting ready to share their homes with a hovawart.

It hardly seems possible, but it isn’t that long now to half-term, which means a visit from the grandchildren, fortunately our household will not get over 6 in number. One of the activities that happens this time is the making of Christmas puddings. With the lovely weather we have here at the moment, this seems like a parallel universe. I must say it is absolutely wonderful to walk the dogs without wellingtons and the mud. I suppose it will deteriorate, but I’m ready for the mud now with my portable outside shower.

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This article was posted on: 14-Sep-20