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Breed Notes - 9 Aug 2020

I am sorry for the lack of notes recently, there are two reasons, firstly the lack of shows and other competitions that would normally fill the column at this time of year, and secondly my recovery from surgery, which I am happy to report is going really well, but I am not yet up to full power….I am told another 6 weeks yet, and that it is a gradual process. Rather frustrating, nevertheless.

It was really good news to read this last week’s Our Dogs front page spread about the saving of the data and samples from the now-defunct AHT, especially as they have gone to Cambridge University, where there must be a reasonable hope that the valuable research into the hereditary problem that we all want eradicated from our beloved dogs will be on-going. It is certainly a fact that if an institution like Cambridge University goes under, we might as well all pack up and hunker down for the dark ages to come……I have just read Robert Harris’ “The Second Sleep” !!.... It is also good to be able to praise the KC for their role in this vital area, so often they get a negative press, but I certainly think they have got it right this time.

One thing lock-down, and a daughter home to aid my recovery, has given me is time, so I will share with you a recipe for dog treats that is easy and has proved popular with them. Remus even chooses one over his toys.

Ingredients: Wholemeal Flour 1lb ( 500gm)

Sardines (or Tuna) in oil 2 tins

Eggs 3

Milk splash

Method: Mix all together well, then spread out to about half an inch (1 cm.) on a baking tray and cook in a pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Allow to cool and then cut into small chunks. As this makes loads, pop some into the freezer for a rainy day.

Keep safe, and don’t forget your facemasks in enclosed spaces.

Elaine Sharpe
This article was posted on: 10-Aug-20