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Breed Notes - 27 Jun 2020
Phew, hasn’t it been hot, but newly-stripped Acorn is as cool as a cucumber, and once our plumber has managed to safely set up our new gas-fired mobile shower unit, I shall be outside shampooing everything that moves, with water that is suitably hot or cool, depending on the weather. I dreamt of having such a unit back in the wet, muddy and cold days of February, so we will be well set up to deal with the same next winter. The shower is really designed for horses, so the pony, donkeys and cows aren’t exempt, but I will probably leave the chickens to their dust baths.

The latest summer newsletter has been sent to club members, mainly by email, so if you haven’t had your copy, either we have the wrong email address for you, or you haven’t given it to us in the first place., although I do know that a few copies do go by post. Email does cut the costs to the club greatly, so if you can, and haven’t, please let me have your email address to update the records. As you can imagine, there is not a lot of news out there at the moment, but Maggie has done a super job again, with some delightful pictures.

Our puppy, Thursday, has started her first season this last week, and although it may be an old wives’ tale, I do hope it is true that she will now stop growing. Certainly, the biggest, by a considerable margin, rottweiler bitch we had didn’t have her first season until she was well over two years old. I thought that Thursday might be a bit young at nearly eleven months, but on reflection, it is about average. One thing we have noticed, she is suddenly a lot calmer around the other dogs. Previously, we had to operate quite a strict regime because the older dogs got no peace, but they now all settle down together really nicely……thank heavens !!

At long last my postponed operation has been re-scheduled for next week, so depending on my recovery, there may or may not be breednotes in the next few weeks. Talk again when I’m repaired and 100%.

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This article was posted on: 07-Jul-20