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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) - 29 Mar 2020
With lock down upon us this is real difficult times we are all facing. Staying safe is very Important and the difficulties being faced by all that we took for granted every day from shopping, exercising dogs, meeting friends and attending the vets are all limited. I ordered dog food last week and normally get next day delivery however it is now 2 weeks before I can get an order. All the dogs are fine and a quick early morning walk in the fields in this lovely cold weather, piece and quiet, the smell of that early fresh air, the dew on the grass along with wild snow drops and daffodils and the lovely sound of the birds really makes me feel lucky and will appreciate this forever. Sitting having coffee looking out our front window watching the birds feeding, the selection of Tits, sparrows, Goldfinches eating their sunflower hearts is a delight, the beautiful chirpy Robin eating seed from the bird table, all carrying on as normal for our little friends. We have a little Blue tit which visits everyday and this cheeky little chap pecks at our window whilst fluttering and singing, I am sure he must see his reflection in the window and with Spring arrived the mating season has also and the look out for a mate has begun.

March has been a busy month and we really enjoyed Crufts as that was my first time in a couple of years and how I had missed it. You really need a couple of days, one for shopping and the other to spend with friends in your breed as sometimes it is the only opportunity to catch up and have a chat. With me being away from the show circuit now for a couple of years it was lovely to see some new faces in our breed showing their Hovawart and it was lovely to see our Judge John Sharpe getting a lovely entry. I felt for the exhibitors as our ring started late at 10am and we had 3 breeds on before us, so the time we got into the ring at the back of 3pm was unacceptable to both the exhibitors and the judge. John was still judging when they were announcing for all BOB in the working group to the collecting ring. It puts added pressure onto the judge, but this has happened several times before and I feel this needs to be addressed. It was wonderful to see a well supported PGB and OB class filling the ring and Many congratulations to all who attended and the class winners and especially Mick Murphy who took BD, BOB, BV with Castlemary Druid EJW IJC SJC ICH W’W’15’18. A worthy winner and was a delight to see him move around the ring, well done. Keeping it in the family BB came from OB class with IR CH Micona Sierra JWW’ 18/IR JUN CH who was the daughter of Druid owned by Heli Mooney, and RBB went to litter sister Micona Juliet owned by Lucy Campbell. RBD went to the winner of PGD, Hightimbers Master Tickets owned by Ms P Thompson. Best puppy went to Val Shones import Saxon Syn Tiswy VD Romerweide at Zwartbos, Who has had a lovely start to his show career. Well done. John’s critique for crufts has already been published.

Any news please get in touch and every one stay safe.

Craig Hosie

01505 702165
This article was posted on: 31-Mar-20
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