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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) - 10 Feb 2020
Its been a wild weekend with regards to Storm Ciara, although I do think where I lived we got off with missing the worst. The dogs were happy with plenty to occupy them and having a run in the fields latter in the day settled them for the evening. On to show results and Boston & District Canine Society , one of two , the second being Manchester show were the last minute shows to qualify for Crufts and getting those puppies out for the first time. We had representatives at both shows according to the results on fossedata and Higham press. At Boston in the AVNSC under judge John Purnell Duxfortis Harris at Hightimbers was second in puppy dog, handled by his experienced handler Maggie Spencer and in PGB, Hightimbers Travel Tickets was placed second for owners Mr & Mrs Hemsworth. In the AV Rare Breeds, again under judge John Purnell, Kanukalos Burletta, received a second place in OB for owners Mr & Mrs McLure. Well done to all and it was lovely to see Hovawarts being represented at this show. Onto Manchester where we had breed classes our judge being Dr Annukka Paloheimo , with 8 classes and an entry of 13 with 2 abscentees, her BOB, BD and BP was the new Import for Val & Steve Shone, Saxon Syn Tiswy V.D. Romerweide At Zwartbos, at his first show and what an impact he has made for Val . RBD was Hightimbers Master Tickets owned by Mrs Thompson and Val & Steve also took BB with Zwartbos Moondance, what a good day for the Zwartbos kennel, and RBB went to Mrs Lee with her Imp, Ameya Alma Lu. Well done to all on the cards and it was lovely to see a puppy dog class with 4 puppies in it. The AV Rare breeds ( working & utility ) also had Hovawarts being placed under judge Marion Sargent, In PD, Duxfortis Forest bred and owned by Chris & Heather Payne was placed 3rd , Mrs Lee with Ameya Alma Lu was 2nd in PB and Mr & Mrs Mclure with Kanukalos Burletta with a 2nd place in OB. Well done all.

Looking at future shows with classes, I thought it would be good to list the judges we have been given. National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Open Show on the 15th February has scheduled 3 classes for us with our judge being Mrs Lesley Naylor. Crufts we have breed specialist Mr John Sharpe from the well known Pines Kennel. Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Ch show 18th April, 4 classes for Judge Mr G Hill, National Dog Show CH 8th May , 12 classes for judge Mrs Helen Lightfoot. Redditch & District Canine Society Open Show 16th May, 4 classes for judge Tate Forsey ( Muzoku ), Scottish Kennel Club CH Show 17th May, 4 classes for judge Mr R Cruden, Bath Canine Society CH Show 22nd May, 12 classes for judge Mrs L Lewis. Border Union Agricultural Society CH show 20th June, 7 classes for judge Joan Goldin ( Fleetgold ), Joan is well known to the breed being our show manager at the club show for many years, Blackpool CH show has not given us classes this year yet they put classes on for us last year, this emphasises the importance to support those show’s who gives us breed classes. We have Perth Open show who provides classes at both their open shows, and we have Dundee Open show who provide classes along with a show in the Aberdeen area who provide us with breed classes. As soon as I have detail’s I will share them with you. Please go onto Fossedata or Higham press for schedules for the above shows and when entries close. For Scottish Open shows you can go onto printmatters canine and they will give you a list of shows and their schedules. Looking at the following list of judges above we only have one breed specialist so far this year and that is John Sharpe. I will report the judges for Darlington, Working & Pastoral Breeds Of Scotland when they are released.

Taking about John Sharpe, it is wonderful that John has been asked to judge our breed again at Crufts for the 3rd time in his long career within the breed, certainly an achievement. John has secured an entry of 37 dogs making an overall entry of 48. The kennel club has announced that in Hall 4, Ring 22, there will be a late start from 9am to 10am to judging. Hovawarts have been scheduled after 3 breeds, we have Bouvier Des Flandres 41 entries, Giant Schnauzer 50 entires, German Pinscher 42 entries, before we are on the ring. I am hoping to come down for working day and catch up with you all and watch the judging. I believe when speaking with Julie Condron who is organising Discover Dogs that they are looking for cover on the breed stand on Saturday Afternoon.

This is to allow members of the public to meet the breed and ask questions about what it is like to live with the breed etc. If you can help out with your dog then contact Julie on 01253 777186. When looking at Hovawart Activities on facebook, It was amazing to see Paula Foakes with her Hovawart Kanukalos Rhapsody and his amazing heelwork. This dog works at a very high standard of obedience and On speaking with Paula today, Rioja has been picked as part of the South Eastern and East Anglian Regional Obedience Team at Crufts and they will be in the ring on the Friday. So if you are about please go and support Paula & Rioja. This is a great achievement as Rioja is the first Hovawart to represent the breed in the regional obedience competition at crufts. Well Done Paula & Rioja. Still on Crufts and news just in and it is a another that must be shared , Janice Robinson & Dave has been in touch with regards to Lexi , Zwartbos Moet RL6. Ex, and her achievement in Rally. I have reported on Lexi’s success before but this girl keeps on going. Janice states that each year handlers working their dogs at level 6 in Rally can apply for Top Rally Dog/Top Rally Dog/Bitch/opposite sex by submitting all qualifying sores gained through out that year. Janice submitted Lexi’s score and it was announced this week that Lexi has achieved Top Rally Bitch( Best Opposite Sex ) for 2019 and that Janice and Lexi will be presented with their award at Crufts 2020. Janice is over the moon and quite rightly so as Lexi only qualified to compete in Level 6 Rally at the end of May and her last competition was in November so has only had 6 month’s worth of scores to submit and what is amazing is that Janice and Lexi only started in Rally 18 months ago and going from a complete beginner to top Bitch in such a small space of time working through levels 1-5 where a minimum qualifying score of 175 out of a total 200 for Rally 1-4 and 180 out of 200 for level 5. The standard is obviously high to achieve such a high score to allow you to progress through all the levels. What an achievement for this team, Well done Janice & Lexi. I have always been interested in Rally but at home here we don’t have anybody specialising in this type of training which is so sad as it looks so much fun.

Any News please do get in touch and if someone could let me know the results of next weeks Open show Working & Pastoral at Coventry I will put them in breed notes.

Craig Hosie

This article was posted on: 16-Feb-20
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