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Breed Notes - 6 Nov 2016
This week we must start off with results from the working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland CH show where the judge Mr K Nathan had an entry of eight with five absentees and found his BOB in the blonde bitch, Zwartbos Arreton owned by Ellen & Thomas Gutjahr from the open bitch class and what happened next I think makes breed history with Bella getting Group 4 , this is just a fantastic result. The working group judge was Mrs M Wildman. Both the breed judge and the group judge has judged the breed before. We have had Hovawarts short listed in the groups at Championship shows before and had placings at open shows but I don’t think a group placing at a Championship show. If anyone knows any different then please let me know but a huge congratulations to Ellen, Thomas and Bella. Ellen has had a great year with Bella getting BB at crufts as well as RBIS and BB at the club show in October. Talking about the club show, I became unwell after it with a heavy cold which then developed into a chest infection which took me off my work and in bed for the best part of a week. Was really floored with it. I enjoyed the club show but didn’t really get the chance to speak to many people as my stewarding in the breed ring meant I was busy all day. It was good to steward for Min and have the opportunity to listen when she was going over and critiquing the dogs. Full results are on the clubs website. Min gave her BIS to the male Air Force Bohaemic owned by Jack De Jong who came over from Holland with the reserve dog going to Castlemary Druid from Ireland owned by Mick Murphy and the reserve bitch, Best Puppy and Best Junior went to Gill Stocktons, Annvad Lady Hazel. The show was well attended and the weather was great and as usual Elaine put on a beautiful meal for the judges and stewards. The week after the club show was South Wales Kennel Association Ch show and they had put classes on for Hovawarts for the first time. A poor entry of two for Sue Hewart-Chambers with Dave Brown & Janice Robinson with their girl Zwartbos Moet and Gill Stockton with Annvad Lady Hazel the only representatives with Gill taking the BOB. Looking at results from Midland Counties canine Society , I noticed from AVNSC which was judged by Albert Wight that Gill with Annvad Lady Hazel got a well respected third in the puppy bitch class with the class being well supported. This was a good result for Gill and it is nice to see that she is out and about showing again.

The Dog World/Arden Grange top dog half way leader for 2016 in Hovawarts is Gina Challoners bonde girl that she imported from Holland, Isalynn v Elderens hof. I don’t think there is many shows to go now so hopefully Gina will be able to keep me informed of the final result and I can put it in these notes. Well done to all on the above. I would like to ask for help and pull on experience and ask if anyone has had issues with Vaginitis in their bitch. One of my girls has had a recurring vaginitis after each season with the first episode associated with a high temperature . Given antibiotics which helped but didn’t clear it fully then it settled down. She has just came out of her second season and here we are again with a vaginal discharge, given antibiotic injection which appeared to settle it then again has come back 1 week later. The rest of the dogs are sniffing at her but she is lively and is eating but one worries that this could develop into something more complicated and with plans for next spring to possibly consider mating her I was looking for advice. It seems very difficult to locate a vet that actually specialises in reproductive health and I know our local Vet school does not have any specialist. Please if you can offer any advice or recommend a vet that you know please do get in touch.

Craig Hosie
This article was posted on: 07-Nov-16