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Breed Notes - 1 Nov 2016
Maggie and Lloyd came on Sunday to collect their puppy, little Cello, and not before time, as the puppies were 13 weeks old that day. Of course this is not what would normally happen…8 weeks is quite old enough….but with Maggie’s illness and Lloyd’s severed thumb, it was the earliest they could manage. Early reports back suggest that Cello has landed on her feet, with Echo looking out for her, and her and Gracie giving each other a wide berth. Much like here, really, with mother Acorn very much involved with little (not so little, actually) Kibble, and Poppy staying well clear. We have also heard that Na Na is settling well in her home in Hong Kong, with Agnes’ golden retriever playing foster mother. It sounds as though we may get a first-hand account of her progress, as Agnes is contemplating a visit to Crufts next year. I do think it is very helpful, both to the puppy and its owners if an older dog is prepared to play guardian. One problem we do have, exclusively to our Kibble in this litter by the sound of it, is that she suffers from motion sickness. In the past, I have found Sea Legs most efficacious, but these aren’t available any more, and pending a viable alternative, Kibble gets to ride in the front seat of the car, just round the block, on a daily basis to try to get her out of it. Come to think of it, a couple of the grandchildren get the same treatment for the same reason.

Janet has emailed me with a detailed report on the breed stand at Discover Dogs. Apparently the overall attendance was down, probably due to the inaccessibility of the venue, which she also described as unwelcoming, and recalled with fondness the days at Earls Court. However, the stand was constantly busy, and those manning the stand were Janet & Ian, Pam & Lucy, Caron & John and Paula on the Saturday with the real stars, Kyla, Obi, Jedi, Tiggy and Rioja. Sunday’s crew were Nick & Helen, Tanja & Neil and Kathy, and the canine contingent, Freya, Gaia, Jonas, Toby and Shamus. Much to Lloyd’s disappointment, there were no prizes for us this year, but Tanja and Toby competed in the KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme Special Pre-Beginners Obedience Stakes semi-final and achieved a marvellous 3rd place, which takes them into the final at Crufts. What an achievement for them, and for the breed. I know we’ll all be cheering them on next March.

With the autumn moving swiftly towards winter, Bonfire Night will soon be upon us, and it is very important to ensure that your dogs are safely out of harm’s way with fireworks about. Try to have them in as sound-resistant place as possible, to minimise the bad effects of sudden loud bangs and flashes. A traumatic experience can affect a dog for a very long time, so be aware of the dangers.

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This article was posted on: 02-Nov-16