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Breed Notes - 18 Oct 2016
After her recent health problems, it was really good to see Maggie looking well when she and Paula visited us at the weekend. She is having one of Acorn’s puppies, and was keen to see how her little Cello was doing. She said that one of the sustaining thoughts during her hospital stay was the prospect of having a DJ granddaughter, and she can’t wait for the end of the month when Cello can take up residence chez Spencer. Actually, I can’t wait either, because I want to start individualising and training our little Kibble (after Janet, not the type of food, before you ask!), and it is not really possible to keep the puppies separate all the time. What with daughters and grandchildren visiting, seemingly on a conveyor belt, there aren’t enough hours in the day. The puppies get their final vaccinations tomorrow, so they can then be launched into society….whether society is ready for the shock, I’m not so sure. We’ll probably start with the Garden Centre on Sunday, and Ringcraft next Tuesday…heaven help them!

Talking of puppies, I have just come off the phone from talking to Kate, who has four puppies, ten days old, just about at the staggering around stage. They were born a day or so early, and one small boy just didn’t have the strength and development to make it, but there are still three boys and a girl, who are doing well. Mother Hetty had some difficulties with a retained placenta, and had to be spayed, but with careful nursing has managed to cope well with the babies. It doesn’t sound as though Kate has had an easy ride with her vets over the whole birth issue, and that only increases my gratitude for ours, whose attention was exemplary, with the only hiccup happening when we and they tried phoning each other about our litter simultaneously.

I have recently been sent a copy of a quarterly magazine called “Land Lust”, which originates in Germany and is a sort of cross between Country Life and The Smallholder, and has just been introduced with an English version to the UK. It strikes me that the title can only have come from a head office person using a thesaurus, as there is already a magazine called “Land Love” here. It sounds as though it should only be on the top shelf in a plain wrapper! This is by-the-bye, as the point is that in the autumn edition there is a 6 page article on the Hovawart, with some super pictures, and a very good, sensible and accurate narrative that pinpoints the breed’s characteristics, as well as the need for the dogs to be trained and occupied.

With the prospect of worsening weather in the coming weeks and months, I am looking forward to both the air drier and the footbath earning their keep, and we may well put off, for yet another winter, changing the sitting room carpet, especially with young Kibble about. At least the dogs are not fazed in the least by the cold and wet, and they are positively relishing, in every sense of the word, the multitude of pheasants about at the moment.

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This article was posted on: 19-Oct-16