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Breed Notes - 11 Oct 2016
As promised last week, part 2 of the Club Show review. Elinor Anderson, well known in the breed having had 3 hovawarts herself, judged the obedience classes. As Maggie was unable to attend, Janet took on the roles of ring steward and scorer, and speaking to Elinor afterwards, I understand she did a marvellous job. As the entry was confined to Hovawarts, I believe the standard is best described as “variable”, but winners were Kitty & Mark Hemsworth’s Tousle (Driftingsky Tousle) in pre-beginners, and a double for Janice Robinson & Dave Brown’s Lexie (Zwartbos Moet) taking both Beginners (with Tousle in second) and Novice.

New to the Show was Rally, judged by Sabine and Jay Kanzaria. They had a super entry of 21, with only a handful of absentees, and there were also lots of takers for the trial runs before the main event. Unfortunately, one of the absentees was our Poppy, because I couldn’t get away from the kitchen, and I didn’t even get the chance to watch any of the competition, but everyone was enthusing, so it looks like this might become a fixture over the next few years. The winner for Level 1 was Sue & Claire Scully’s Lilly (Pines Meditation) with Lynne & Liz’s Torrin (Z.Brighstone of D.) taking Level 2.

Last, but by no means least, of the “official” activities was the KC “Good Citizen” tests, run as usual by our old friends Maureen Taylor and Jeanette Prior from the Thornton Cleveleys Canine Training Society….our Show just wouldn’t be the same with the appearance of their pugs. I am ashamed to say that I don’t know how any other people got on with their tests (I shall rectify that next time), but I did manage enough time out of the catering to take the Silver test with Poppy (Quincebois Tulipwood by P.), and thankfully she managed to pass.

Everyone worked hard on the day, with Ann’s bacon butties as popular as ever, and Helen going great guns on the Cake stand, but a special mention must be made of Gina’s effort with the raffle, which raised just shy of £200. What with that and her success in the same field at Crufts, she might just be setting herself up for the job on a permanent basis!!

It never rains but it pours, and with Maggie making what I am sure she will say is a slow recovery, Lloyd has managed to make a pretty comprehensive mess of his thumb in a sawing accident. He says the hospital people were absolutely wonderful…again…but with both of them now unable to drive for the time being, life must be really tricky for them. Maggie is making plans to see her new puppy from Acorn’s litter at the weekend, but won’t be able to start her training until the end of the month, but that does mean she remains here as a playmate for our Kibble, as now NaNa is on her way to our friend Agnes in Hong Kong, who has previously had sisters of both Mercedes and Whistle….she is in the air as I am writing. We have heard that Maisie, who went a couple of weeks ago, is starting to take over her new household in true Hovawart tradition. On the puppy front, I have just this week had the news that Kate & Lubi’s Hetty has given birth to 5 b/g pups, 4 boys and just one girl, and mother and babies are doing well.

Last weekend, we had our first classes at South Wales KA, with Sue Hewart-Chambers as our judge. Unfortunately there were only two entrants, with Gill taking BoB with Lottie (Annvad Lady Hazel) and RBB going to Janice with Lexie. John had an IW judging appointment, so we weren’t able to go this time, but hopefully they won’t give up on us too soon, and that more people will give it a go next year.

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This article was posted on: 12-Oct-16