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Breed Notes - 27 Sep 2016
I have just come off the phone from speaking with Maggie, and I’m sorry to say that she won’t be able to go to the Club Show on Sunday, as she is still feeling too weak. She is about to embark on a six week programme of rehabilitation following her heart attack, but the raging infection she had has subsided under the assault from massive antibiotics, although the doctors are still in the dark as to what the actual cause was. It looks as though she is going to have to be very patient for quite a while yet.

Last year’s Club Show had an exceptional numbers of puppies entered, so the entry for Sunday has held up pretty well, only being 3 dogs down on last time, with 41 dogs for Min Inches to judge. The entries for the other parts of day look pretty healthy too, with 17 for the Special Classes under Anne Stewart and an equal number of Obedience competitors awaiting Elinor Anderson’s eagle-eyed scrutiny. It is the first time we have scheduled Rally, and 18 dogs are set to give it a go. I suspect that it will be new to most of them, so I hope judges Sabine & Jay Kanzaria will be a bit forgiving towards the novices. We have hopefully solved the annual dilemma of how to get both the judges’ lunches and the dogs to the show by getting an old trailer. I have been battling against time and puppies to get it spruced up for the day, I’m nearly there but so is Sunday !

News from the field of further Hovawart success in the shape of Bella (Zwartbos Arreton) , owned by Thomas and Ellen Gutjahr, who was pulled out G3 in the Working Group at the Perthshire Open Show, a very singular achievement bearing in mind the Hovawart BoB doesn’t usually get much more than a passing glance from the group judges. Another of the Zwartbos girls making her mark is Janice Robinson’s Lexi (Z. Moet) who has gained her CD Certificate of Merit at the Yorkshire Open Working Trials with a splendid score of 89 out of a possible 100. It is so good to see the breed making its mark in these areas.

One sad note is the news that Sadie, one of Janet Kibble’s Egyptian litter and our Orchid’s sister, has died in Bermuda at the grand old age of fourteen years and eight months. She was owned by Judy Patton, who also has Lola aged ten and a half, rather busting the theory that Hovawarts can’t cope in a hot climate. Judy has just acquired a Glen of Imaal puppy, so hopefully Lola will get a new lease of life with him.

The calendars will be available at the Club Show, and thereafter from here by mail order, and we are getting a new supply of the standing model. I am hoping to have news of a possible new sculpture by John Stanbridge which will be really exciting. I hope to see everyone at Oswestry on Sunday. Don’t forget your raffle prizes and your contribution to the bring-and-buy cake stall. Let’s hope for good weather, I’ve just seen the forecast for Sunday, and it does look quite promising.

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 28-Sep-16