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Breed Notes - 6 Sep 2016
I expect most of you will know by now that Maggie Spencer had a nasty heart attack soon after her Training Day, and was rushed to hospital, where I believe some pretty complicated surgery was needed to save her life. Thankfully, everything went well, and she is now back home and having to take things a lot more easily and slowly than she would like. I think Lloyd is in for a difficult few weeks whilst she recuperates.

She is finding it all very tiring at the moment, so perhaps cards, letters and emails would be more appropriate than visits and phone calls, but knowing Maggie, that situation won’t be the case for very long.

The puppies have got to that age when mother Acorn is put in a real dilemma. She wants to be with them, but their teeth are sharp, and it is very painful for her. This results in her hopping in and out of their run, and quite often waking them up and then leaving them crying out for her. This is not an easy situation for any of us, I must say, but Acorn has a particular fondness for soft toys, which she quite happily steals from the puppies and buries in a patch of sandy soil she has found. She is also rather keen on clearing up their food bowl, so we need to be sure that they have had enough before she is allowed near. All a far cry from dear old Limerick, who used to sit with her back to the feeding pups, ready to take on allcomers who wanted to muscle in on her babies’ dinners.

Entries are closing VERY soon for the Club Show, so do be sure to make the effort to enter and come. Gina has agreed to take on the raffle, which she did with such success at Crufts,(a donation of prizes most welcome) and there will be a cake stall run by Helen Boisseau, and I know she will be extremely happy to get contributions so that it becomes a bring-and-buy event, in aid of the rescue fund. I hope we will see you all there. Full details are available on the club website.

Elaine Betts 01544 318705
This article was posted on: 07-Sep-16