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Breed Notes - 30 Aug 2016
Human Beings are strange creatures, whenever a breeder, any breeder has a litter of puppies they usually feel sure that they are the most wonderful puppies ever born and take great pride in every one of them. That is how John and I felt over Acorn’s long awaited and much adored four little bitch puppies at three and a half weeks old, only then to discover that one of them had a slightly weepy eye. On further inspection and a subsequent visit to our Vet it was discovered that this little puppy only had one eye and the weepy socket was quite empty. Shocked silence in the surgery, both from the kind lady Vet and myself. In tears as I drove home really heartbroken for this little scrap - actually wanting to hide her away and not ever tell a living soul. Twenty four hours later and common sense having kicked in, I realized that exactly the opposite was the way to proceed. OK she has only got one eye, but bless her she is as lively as a cricket, very beautiful, very happy and into everything. Actually I felt rather ashamed of myself for my initial reaction. She will go to a special Pet home, not to be bred from, and with her very sharp hearing and very acute sense of smell, who knows what she will achieve. With the Paralympics just around the corner it does you good to not focus on the disability, but what you can achieve in spite of it. Good Luck Pines Flashlight.

I heard from Maggie Spencer reporting back that her training day had gone very well, and that it was great to have so many of our breed all in the same hall at any one time. I think all the dogs went home really tired as Maggie keeps both dogs and handlers on their toes.

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 05-Sep-16