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Breed Notes - 9 Aug 2016
It’s now official – there are eight Wonders of the World. Our Acorn has four wonderful little puppies all cuddled up with her, just nine days old! Miracles do happen, and we couldn’t be more delighted. It was almost worth her missing on five previous occasions to be so extra thrilled with these little lives. All girls and all black and gold.

There are some results from Paignton which we, for obvious reasons couldn’t get to. Tom Johnston was the judge, and he gave Lynne & Liz’s Mist (Driftingsky Mist) BoB, with Gina’s Isalynn (Isalynn v Elderens’ Hof) RBB. Best Veteran went to Mist’s mother, Sky (Tyehelva Super Summer of Driftingsky). For a change, Hovawarts were judged early in the day, but that meant a very long wait for the group.

Don’t forget….pictures to Julie for the calendar, pronto.

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This article was posted on: 10-Aug-16