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Breed Notes - 26 Jul 2016
As a result of receiving an order for 3 of the bronze standing models, and only having one left in stock, we have been in touch with the artist, John Stanbridge, for extras. Some 8 years ago, John’s studio was burnt down, and over the subsequent years he has had some severe medical issues, but I understand our request has rekindled (if that is not too wrong a word) his enthusiasm and he is not only going to do some more of the standing model, but is considering doing a new one for us, with a different pose. As we already have a very nice “sitting” model made by Border Fine Arts, we have been thinking about other possible poses, and I would be grateful for any suggestions that we could put to John. The quality of his work is excellent, so the end result will be very worthwhile, and a lasting legacy for the breed, so please get in touch with your ideas. My details, as always, are at the end of this article, and I’ll keep you up to speed with any developments.

Entries have closed for Paignton on August 8th, where Tom Johnston has an entry of 5 dogs, with one as “not for competition”, as those in classes only number 4. This is sad, although not entirely surprising, as the show is on a normal Monday, but we were given 6 classes, and for a change it will be an early start, as we are second in the ring behind 7 Pyrenean Sheepdogs (long haired).They have also just closed for Richmond, where Albert Wight has 9 classes, on September 10th, which is a Saturday. The same day a week later it is Darlington show at Ripon, with our judge Brenda Banbury having 9 classes too. I can’t recall her having judged our breed before, but my memory is by no means what it was, so I am happy to be corrected on this. On line entries close on August 2nd. If you look at the Club website you will find the schedule for the Club Show, or I can arrange to send you one if you let me know (contact details at the end).

This year there is a new event, we are scheduling Rally for the first time. I have never experienced this, but the description of what you have to do written in the schedule makes it sound great fun, and it is something anyone can and should have a go at. There are two levels (sensibly 1 & 2), and the judges are Sabina and Jay Kanzaria, so do please make this first time a success by giving them a big entry. Our old friend Elinor Anderson, now sadly without a Hovawart, is judging the Limited Obedience, and as she knows the breed so well is the perfect person to enter under if it is your first time…..or second or third and so on! The KC Good Citizen tests are again in the most capable hands of our friends from Lancashire, Maureen Taylor and Jeanette Prior, and the Breed classes are being judged by Min Inches, who has a justifiable claim to being the founder of the breed in the UK. The Special Classes are being judged by Anne Stewart, coming over from Ireland, and are this year in memory of Janet Kibble, one of the founder members of the club, who died earlier this year, with a donation going to The Animal Health Trust. Let’s make this year a really memorable show, as it is really the only chance to get together with dogs and owners from all over Britain.

It is getting pretty near to the last chance to send Julie your photos for next year’s calendar. I have seen so many wonderful ones on the Hovie Group Face Book site that I am sure we will get an absolutely cracking edition this year, which you will all want to get hold of at the Club Show, when it should be first available. So get shooting those dogs of yours and send her the results….that sounds a bit strange, but you know what I mean.

The latest Newsletter has just been emailed to members by Maggie, and those who want the paper version should have that in the post very soon. If you should be getting it either way and haven’t had it by the end of the month, please let me know so that I (as membership secretary) can check that we have your details correctly in the club records.

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 01-Aug-16