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Breed Notes- 19 Jul 2016
Phew !! It has definitely been scorchio in Weobley today, so the dogs have been lying about on the stone and the tiles, and certainly avoiding even the sunny patches on the floor. Gina Challenor has put on the Hovawart Group Facebook the chart showing how hot the inside of cars can become, and also some sensible advice for the hot weather, and I can only re-emphasise how important it is, especially with puppies and the more elderly dogs, to keep them cool. When we got our imports from East Germany, they were perfectly happy to sleep out in the snow, but suffered quite a lot in the heat, even in a normal British summer.

Last Saturday was National Working etc at Malvern. It was quite warm there but mainly overcast, so not too awful for the dogs. As usual, we were last in the ring and my John had a nice entry of 14, including 3 from Min Inches, who in the event didn’t make it down, hardly surprising, considering the distance involved. I know his critique went off on Sunday, so I won’t list all the winners, but he did say to me in the car on the way home (after the little “discussion” we had about the placings!) that he had a definite feeling of the old order changing, with BoB going to Lucy Campbell’s Ace (Quincebois Ironwood) and BB to Gina’s Isalynn (Isalynn v. Elderens Hof), both under 2 years of age. Gina had a torn cruciate ligament, so her girl was moved, most ably, by Louise Nichol. The injury appeared most painful, so get well soon…..I think, from what my daughter was subjecting her Vizsla with the same problem to, it is confinement to a crate, and only very light lead walking for about 6 weeks !

We are going to Thornton-Cleveleys on Sunday to look at Ann’s litter, which will be coming up six weeks by then. I think it is a lovely time to see puppies, because they have started to form individual characters, but are still very pick-upable and cuddly. It will also be a somewhat sad occasion, as Ann has just lost her wonderful blonde girl, Brianna (Annvad Carefree Princess) aged 14, and we have had to say goodbye to Whistle (Pines Penny Whistle CDEx), aged 12, who is joining two sisters and brother DJ , all crossing the Rainbow Bridge in the same month or so. Brianna had a super show career, winning BB at Championship Shows 13 times, including Crufts in 2009, and always looked so elegant. Whistle did win BB once, but that too was at Crufts two years later. She also achieved at Working Trials, and always tried her best, including a memorable first 10minute down stay out of sight in a rain storm when almost all the others moved, amazing for a dog that needed to be with you as much as she did. The cycle of life grinds inexorably on.

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