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Breed Notes - 6 Jul 2016
Val Shone’ s puppies have arrived, not without a certain amount of drama and angst. They were born last week, and there are, in keeping with the modern trend in the UK, four back bitches and one blond dog. I think that brings the totals so far this year to 24 puppies, 16 black, 7 black/gold and 1 blond. The mix of sexes is fairly even, 11 bitches to 13 dogs. To return to Val’s litter, the first 4 (black) bitches were born reasonably easily, but then there was a long gap, always worrying in these situations. A visit to the vet and some oxytocin failed to produce any results, so a further visit to the vet and a scan revealed what , after a caesarean, turned out to be 2 dead puppies blocking the passage of the final blond boy. I can vividly remember similar scenarios, and the worry and distress Val went through must have been awful. I am happy to report that the surviving 5 puppies are all now doing really well, and Chale is being a most diligent and caring mother. Whilst you don’t ever stop worrying about them, Val will now be able to enjoy them too.

Recently there has been a run of sad news. This week I was devastated by the news of the death of Maggie’s DJ (Dutch Champion Pines Saxophone at Hightimbers), who was saved further suffering after he lost control of his movement. Our sympathies go out to Maggie and Lloyd, who we hope, when the grieving is done will have so many happy memories of their wonderful boy. He flew the flag for the UK on the continent many times, and I can still recall the thrill of the team win at the IHF show in Austria, where DJ was very much team captain. Happily he does leave a legacy through the puppies he has sired, not least the recent litter, by AI (a first for our breed), to Caron McLure’s Hightimbers Penny. I think he will be seen as one of the most influential dogs in the development of the breed in the UK in years to come, and I am sure you will understand what I mean when I say he
This article was posted on: 06-Jul-16