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Breed Notes - 1 Jul 2016
I know not everyone will agree with my view, but I felt terribly sad on Friday morning. With a German breed, we have had the opportunity over the last twenty-five years to visit many of the countries of the EU, and make good friends there. Since Friday we have received a lot of sad emails and phone calls, expressing our friends’ disappointment that our country no longer wishes to be in a project with them. I can only hope that any political changes will not adversely affect the future co-operation in our breed with our colleagues on the continent and in the IHF. I am absolutely convinced that progress is only made when everyone pulls together, and isolationism will be a retrograde step for us.

I have received a rather more encouraging email from Gavin Robertson of “Pedigree Paws Unite”, telling me about a plan for a Charity Walk for pedigree dogs, the aim being to have all 216 registered breeds take part, each walking 5 miles during the week of 12th to 18th September, raising £150 from each breed in the process. There seem to be several main areas where this will take place, so if anyone…or everyone…wants to take part, please let me know, and I will endeavour to co-ordinate the Hovawart contribution to this scheme. Anyhow, I hope to have a few more details available shortly.

It has been very interesting these last few days, as we have been looking after Flag, the bitch you may remember we re-homed last year at some two and three-quarters years old. We wondered how she would act, and in some ways it is as though she has never been away. The other dogs remember her, I am sure, but she does spend a little of her time checking the car parking area, obviously looking for her current owners to come back. In circumstances like this, the new owners always have anxiety that their dog will not want to come away with them at the end of the stay, but it has invariably been my experience that dogs know which side their bread is buttered, and very happily wave goodbye to their old home, in the certain knowledge that a good deal of pampering is about to come their way. Sensible creatures, dogs!!

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 06-Jul-16