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Breed Notes - 21 Jun 2016
It sounds as though Border Union was a really enjoyable show, even the weather was kind, not always the case north of the border, for Gill Stockton to judge a complement of 14 hovawarts, 11 bitches and 3 dogs. It was a wonderful day for Anne Stewart, who was the breeder of BoB, BB and BP. Mark Tyreman’s Teddy (Fasskoleys Mathan) reversed last year’s BoS by winning BoB from Min Inches’ Silkie (F.Silkie). I think it is worth reporting, much to Mark’s credit, that Teddy’s first BoB at a Championship show was way back in 2008, putting him 4th, I think, on the all-time Hovawart Ch. Show longevity list. Reserves to the main winners were Min’s Chief (Minches Chief Riever) and Gina Challenor’s Isa (Isalynn von Elderens’ Hof ), with Anne’s own puppy Sienna (F.Magenta) taking BP. Sadly we weren’t able to make the journey this year, but Kelso has always been one of the more relaxed shows with a lot of friendship and bonhomie greatly in evidence, and from Facebook entries this year was no exception.

I have just read an article in a magazine we get from Australia going through the details of the training method known as “positive reinforcement”, nowadays very much the mainline thinking on dog training, and it set me remembering how it used to be, with the redoubtable Barbara Woodhouse and her choke chain collars, and punishment for the dog when it failed to act as you wished. We’ve come quite a long way from those days, and I think our dogs are in a better place now than when you made them afraid to put a foot wrong. My way these days is to use a clicker, which really is a sign to the dog that it has got something right, and will be in for a reward in the near future. I just wish I could perfect my timing when clicking, because sometimes they think they are being rewarded for behaviour I did not wish to encourage!

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This article was posted on: 15-Jun-16