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Breed Notes - 31 May 2016
Oh dear me, another sad note to start this week’s breed notes. Julie forwarded on to us an email from John Blackwell to tell of the death of Linda last week. Linda had been suffering from cancer for some time, and John writes to say that she died very peacefully looking out over her lovely garden at home. Linda had her family with her and even their lovely Hovawart, Megan, was with them. Linda loved the breed, had several and bred a litter before she suffered with ill health. They enjoyed dog shows and it was at a show where we last met, and Linda was so thrilled with her young puppy. Details of the funeral will be in next week’s notes. Our heartfelt sympathies go to John and his family at this sad time.

Julia Christopherson and Gill Green got in touch to tell me about Janet Kibble’s funeral, where they were joined by Mary Ackroyd, so Hovawarts were well represented. Julia was sad that she hadn’t taken her “Nell” along, because she felt Janet would have appreciated that. Anyone wishing to make a donation in her memory should send it to the Animal Health Trust at Newmarket, mentioning Janet’s name. I hope we will have obituaries of these two devotees of the breed in due course.

All the prizes at the SKC stayed at home this year, with Heather McManus and Ellen Gutjahr sharing the spoils. Heather came away with BoB with her Fasskoleys Ailsacraig (for the third year In succession at this show!) and RBD, whilst Ellen won BD with her Driftingsky Dusk, and RBB. All the entries came from north of the border, which highlights a real problem we in a numerically small breed wrestle with year after year. We have only one breed show per year, and members all over the UK, so where should this show be sited? The centre of England is in the Coventry area, but you have to go a little north of Preston to include Scotland, let alone Northern Ireland. I know we very much seek maximum inclusivity, but when we talked about the issue here, we realised that as things stand, John and I would have to take separate vehicles, what with The club memorabilia, dogs and catering equipment, not to mention judges’ lunches, which is not too bad when the show is ninety minutes away at Oswestry, but a big problem if we had much further to travel, and that is just us. Last year’s show was in Surrey, which was a real obstacle to people from the north, so is there an equitable and sensible solution that would have people flocking to the event?

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This article was posted on: 01-Jun-16