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Breed Notes - 10 May 2016
I am very sad to tell you of the death of Janet Kibble (Kynyaf) at 73. A phone call from Gill Green gave me the news that she had been found dead at home, and had been so for some time. It seems that no-one had had contact with her since Christmas. Her other love was Golden Retrievers, but she had not had any dogs for a year or two, but when we think about it, she was responsible in one way or another for every single “Pines” dog, as she bred our first Hovawart, Tegen, her Finnish import, Baron, was the sire of the only 2 litters our German bitch, Jordis, had, and we had our wonderful, ordinary Orchid from her to defray the expenses we had incurred on her behalf to finally get her Baz in whelp….a saga in itself.

Janet was a tad cantankerous, but with her scientific background and analytical mind, she had firm views on most of the issues in the breed, but never could her motive to improve the future of the breed be doubted. She was a large lady, and at about six feet tall had an imposing presence which belied the almost constant ill-health she suffered, especially with her back. As always, when someone dies, you ask yourself “Could I have done more?”, and in this case the answer has to be “Yes”, but whether she would have thanked you for it is another question entirely.

Last Friday saw Hans van den Berg, from the Netherlands, judging us at what I always call Birmingham National. For the second time in thirteen months there was a farcical situation over the big green cards, this time with Mark Harrison’s P.Wiggins being given Best Dog, about 5 minutes after coming third in the Open Dog class. The winner of that class, Louise Nichol’s Swedish import, Bergenhovs Jackpot, was awarded RBD, with second placed Kanukaklos Allegro (Kate Allen) left out in the cold. BoB was Gina Challoner’s Isalynn v Elderens Hof, with our P. Acorn RBB, and at her first show in the category, Best Veteran (with no competition!) I sometimes get the feeling that because we are a numerically small breed, nobody really cares very much what happens to us, although we still have to pay entry fees that are not cheap, and of course that is not the end of the cost of the show day by a long way, in this case particularly galling because, as John had to work first thing, we only arrived just in time for Acorn’s class, giving Poppy and Dublin just a nice car ride there and back. John has written to the Secretary about the matter, needless to say.

As the weather is at last warming up a bit, we had old Whistle’s coat shaved, as it has becoming a bit long and matted, and, as with a lot of older dogs, she found the daily grooming uncomfortable and stressful. She certainly seems enlivened as a result, and I had one of those double-take moments when we walked passed a group of Dobermanns (I always feel that should be Dobermen). Now all we can hope for is a decent summer so she can enjoy it to the full.

We have had notice that the IHF IPO world championships this year are being held at Bochum, Germany on July 9th and 10th. If anyone would like more details, please get in touch with me, or go to the IHF website. The next show we have classes at is the Redditch and District at the Sky Connexion next weekend, with SKC to follow later in the month.

Keep cool.

Elaine Betts
01 544 318705
This article was posted on: 09-May-16