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Breed Notes - 26 Apr 2016
First of all, just a reminder about the Redditch & District C.S. show on Saturday May 14th, where there are breed classes, not only for us, but all other rare breeds. Enterprise like this should be supported, and the entry closing date has been put back to May 2nd…enter on-line at Fosse Data….Our judge is Hazel Fitzgibbon (Smiliesam).

As you may know, we have been experiencing some difficulty (rather more like complete and utter failure!) so far in getting our Acorn in whelp, and as she has now just turned 7, we are only able to give it one more go. Our German whippet friend…sorry, German friend with whippets…suggested there may be an underlying deficiency problem, so went home with a cutting of Acorn’s hair for analysis. She has now come back with the results of the tests, which indicate a “virus encapsuled in her lymphatic system which has also caused her iron depot in her metabolism to be down to 10% which is very low”, so we are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of a package of pills from Germany, which hopefully will rectify the problem. Everything crossed here yet again then.

John has managed to get the day of Birmingham National show off work…it is on a week Friday…so we are looking forward to going to Stafford. The entry is 12, a great improvement on the last show, and we are in ring 11 in the Bingley Hall, after Dogue de Bordeaux (69), Greenland Dogs (4) and Canadian Eskimo Dogs (6).Happily, we don’t have mixed classes at this one, so maybe, just maybe I’ll give Dublin one more chance!

The next Championship Show after that is the Scottish KC, on Friday (again) May20th, with Mrs. M Wildman in the hot seat, followed by our own Gill Stockton at Border Union on Saturday June 18th, John at National Working etc. (Saturday July 16th), Tom Johnston is doing Paignton on Monday August 8th and Mr.E.Paterson is in charge at the Welsh KC on Saturday August 20th,so let’s hope for lots of you to make lots of entries at all these shows.

Elaine Betts
01 544 318705
This article was posted on: 27-Apr-16