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Breed Notes - 19 Apr 2016
We have all heard of ugly ducklings turning into swans, but never the reverse and that is what happened to Dublin last Saturday at the Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales show in Builth Wells. My easy-going sweet boy turned into a bouncing leaping pulling adolescent yob of a male dog, dragging to every female dog in the showground, hell bent on finding a bitch in season somewhere totally obsessed with nothing else. Is this what happens when you have used you dog at stud? This was his first outing after a romantic afternoon with a special black lady friend recently, and after such rude behaviour may well be his last! I have often wondered why the dog classes were never as well attended as the bitch classes– I think I now know.

With his appalling behaviour, and Acorn bouncing about like a puppy, Gina’s Isalynn absent due to a scraped nose, and Janice’s Lexie (Zwartbos Moet) appearing intermittently lame (although it didn’t prevent her being BB in Rare Breeds, a super achievement), it was left to Poppy (Quincebois Tulipwood by Pines) to go BoB. Dublin (Junior Jester at P.) was Best Dog, or Worst Dog, depending on how you look at it….and I think I would choose the latter. Our judge was Mrs J Peak, and between us I don’t think we can have improved her view of our breed. Still, it was a beautiful day, and I think our journey to the ground is the most scenic we take, so not all bad, then.

I’ve just had an email from Judy Patton in Bermuda, who tells me her Sadie, Orchid and Clyde’s sister, bred by Janet Kibble, is still going strong at 14, although she is starting to wind down a bit. As a black dog in a hot and damp climate, it only goes to show what a remarkably adaptable breed this is. I know ours much prefer cool weather, but Sadie went out as a puppy, so must have learnt to cope very early on. Judy also has Lola, who has just turned ten years old. Sadly, another email from abroad, from Cathy Croushore in the USA, reports the death of her bitch Mercedes, daughter of our Mercedes, from what seems like a torsion, at just coming up 12. She was a littermate of our Whistle (wobbly but still very keen on her food) and Maggie’s DJ, who is now a dignified old gentleman of a dog. Longevity is such a precious thing, I do hope we can continue to have our dogs get old.

A couple more snippets from the Club AGM, at the Show in October, there will be classes for Rally, and Lynne tells us that it should be fun for all, so do give it a go. The committee and officers remain the same, as there were no challengers for any of the jobs or places. That is either satisfaction or apathy….I would like to think the former, but I am rather afraid it is more likely to be the latter. There is, however, a new Club President in Jeff Luscott, well known to some of us from the show ring, who has always shown great interest and liking for our breed
This article was posted on: 20-Apr-16