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Breed Notes - 13 Apr 2016
Those of you who missed last Sunday’s AGM also missed a rather good lunch at Liz and Lynne’s super new home, and also the guided tour. They have recently moved to a very spacious much more “dog friendly” house with a couple of great areas for the dogs. Absolutely ideal for committee meetings!

The avalanche of puppy enquiries still continues, we are getting three or four every week at the moment from the KC. I guess it’s Crufts, and Discover Dogs and the season – people’s thoughts turn to new born things in the Spring. Talking of puppies did any of you watch Countryfile a couple of weeks back? It was nice to see Adam (of Adams Farm) going along to his Vet to have his bitch scanned to discover that he was expecting a litter – which we had also been shown on the programme a couple of weeks back. I’m no expert on the Hungarian Vizla but what a shame he didn’t mention the health checks owners should carry out, not a mention of anything. Even if he was saying that no tests were necessary before breeding at least we would know he had thought about it I found it disappointing that such a rare breed enthusiast in other animal species was so flippant with his domestic pet. I thought it set a poor example to viewers…good free advertising for him, though!

Have you all got your dogs mircochipped? The date has now passed when it has become law. I wonder if it would be a help if I purchased a chip reader. Would I be able to take the number from a stray dog and log onto the web site and be shown the owner’s name and address? Is it that easy?, I am quite often finding odd dogs on our property, and up until now I have had to phone the dog warden, so much easier to contact the owner direct.

Back to the club AGM, where a few more members than usual attended, and as a result, we had better debate on issues of the day. One of the questions raised was the “Give a dog a genome” project by the AHT. If this will give us a better understanding of hereditary diseases and the ability to avoid them, we are all in favour, and hope to join in. There was also considerable discussion of potential show venues. This is always a ticklish issue for a national club that is numerically small, because it is hard to find anywhere that suits everyone.

At last, John has enough participants to start the “100 Club” in aid of the Rescue Fund, and the first draw will take place at the end of the month. There is still time, therefore to be in it, so send him your forms and cheques right away.

Elaine Betts
01544 318705
This article was posted on: 13-Apr-16