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Breed Notes - 22 Mar 2016
It is now over a week since Crufts, and our visitors have gone, so there is a little time, amongst the dog walking, dealing with the Glen puppies, gardening, calving etc.etc., for proper reflection. Before I say anything about the dogs, I must say a huge “well done” and “thank you” to Gina Challenor for the amazing raffle she ran, raising a spectacular £200 for the Rescue Fund. I think she is a shoe-in for the job for the foreseeable future!

Now to the dogs…didn’t Guinness look good in the Group on the TV? We didn’t stay to watch it live, but did get home in time to see the programme. I did enjoy the coverage this year, incidentally, but I hardly saw any obedience work, which was a pity because that level of competence is a source of inspiration and incentive to achieve more with our dogs. I cannot remember ever being so close to the ring with our benching, we could watch the judging whilst stroking the benched dogs. Julie Condron had a wonderful entry, indeed there were something like 24 breeds with CCs with less numbers than we had. She certainly gave everyone a good chance, and was sympathetic to the dogs. There was a good crowd round the ring, and it was really nice to see Gill Green, former chairman of the club, and Anita Lehtonen from Finland, among them. We did a stint on the KC Discover Dogs stand, and there was a lot of interest in our lovely breed, which has been on-going since, with emails and ‘phone calls. As usual, we have a dearth of puppies to offer, so some of these potentially good homes will be lost to us.

Crufts this year also coincided with the publication of the Club Year Book, and I know that John, with his treasurer’s hat on, was particularly pleased to be able to hand out so many copies. The book is full of good reading material, as well as the statistics for the breed, and I was particularly struck by the number of Hovawarts having a go at so many different activities. I was also pleased to see lots of pictures, which brings me to the Hovawart Face Book Group. Every day there are more spectacular photos to be seen, the talent for this art form seems very great amongst our owners, or maybe the dogs are just very photogenic.

The next item on the agenda is the Club AGM on Sunday April 10th, at Costock, between Loughborough and Nottingham on the A60. I am assured that Lynne is providing some excellent victuals, some come for the food if not the discussion and voting, but if you are going to make it, please let Liz know in advance to avoid a food shortage. See you there !

Elaine Betts
01544 318705
This article was posted on: 23-Mar-16