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Breed Notes - 7 Mar 2016
Was sitting watching the television the other night which to me is a rare thing with working shifts, and juggling dogs and kids, when one of the dogs came up for a cuddle and lay beside me. He went onto his back and on rubbing his belly my hand went down to under his front left leg and to my surprise I came across a small hard lump which felt like a small grain of rice under the skin. My immediate thought was this is his microchip which had somehow migrated from behind his neck to the position it is in the now. So the next day a trip to the vet to get him scanned and yes the chip was not in the position it should be in but on scanning down the front left shoulder to the leg the scanner bleeped and the vet confirmed it was where I had found it. On saying that I have never had any of my dogs microchips migrate to other parts of the body, but come April 2016 it is a legal requirement to have all dogs microchiped. It is a worry if these chips migrate or even fail as what has happened with batches of these chips in the past, It would be interesting to know if anyone else has experienced problems with microchips, and a recent email from the kennel club also states that from April 2016 when undertaking The Kennel Club Good Citizen scheme that a scanner must be present to scan all dogs taking part in the test to make sure that each dog meets the legal requirement . This will have a financial impact on the clubs that undertake training and hold Good Citizen tests. I do believe the kennel club has given three companies who supply scanners which clubs can approach to purchase at a reduced rate and prices vary from £124 to the cheapest of £39.99. On looking at the Winter 2015 Breeds records supplement , we have three dogs which have been hip scored , Bergenhovs Jackpot, total 8, Kaszper van de Hoevemeester total 6, and Quincebois Tulipwood by Pines total 5, what excellent results , their owners must be very happy. On the registration front from the same period , we had no litters and two imports from the Czech republic, both bitches , one B&G and the other whos colour is not recognised by the KC. I do hope this year will bring us more puppies. Next week I will bring you the results of Crufts along with a discussion on what evidence there is if your bitch is in season and should you hip xray or not and can that affect the score/grading. Any news or views, I would love to hear them.
Craig Hosie
01505 702165

This article was posted on: 07-Mar-16